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Is it normal for a preg cat to...

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Okay I know some of you have seen my thread about my pregnant cat Natty. Well she's 61/62 days along tonight and today she hasn't eaten that I've seen and she's gotten really distant from me, like staying under my bed or in her nesting area. I've always read that cats get sweeter when they are about to have kittens and she's a reallyyy sweet cat normally, so is it normal for her to be meaner near delivery? And do you think she'll be sweeter when she's actually in labor? I'm pretty sure she's not yet because her temp this morning was 100.1. I would check it again but she won't come to me now. I'm just kinda worried, I've left her alone though.
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It depends on the Cat. Meeko became very friendly and demanded Coco be with her when she went in labor. My friends Cat got meaner. My Coco didnt change at all.
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Well today she is SWEET! like amazing, and she's following me around, and her temp dropped to 97.1 which is the "24 hour before" range due to my research. And I looked down there and it seems a bit dilated and a bit wet. Due to my memory of my other litters when I was younger, I think it's almost time
I'll def most a new topic when she def starts labor!
I'm excited!
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That is very exciting
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She's just laying in her spot in my closet relaxing and purring right now, she gets up sometimes and digs in the corner, I remember that from my other momma's
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Sounds like all is well, let her do her Mommy thing, and I am sure all will be fine. Both of my litters came in the middle of the night. If you have had a baby you know the last week is moody, ya wanna cry sometimes, or you wanna be held, or you just don't know WHAT you want.
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Ha no babies for me, I'm only 18 lol.
But back to her, she's just wandering around and looking out my window now.
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Please keep us updated when you are able we love to hear about the progression and really loves pics when the little critters finally arrive. Sound like things are starting though.
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Well it's been almost 24 hrs and nothing has progressed past that... I leave for new york city in 8 hrs for a summer college trip, i'll be gone 4 days. I'm pretty sure I'm going to miss the birth now My mom will be home though so she promised to take pics, so I won't be able to post them until Sat night, I hope she waits til I get back ha, she's only 63 days today. COME ON 67! haha
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