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Cosamin DS safe for cats?

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Can anyone tell me if Cosamin DS is safe for cats? I need a glucosamine/chondroitin supplement for my foster cat because he will not eat the Dasuquin.

I've tried talking to the vet, they are not really interested in helping. Just said to poke the capsule down him, which I've been doing, but its HUGE and it is a major daily struggle and chokes him. They also said it was "no big deal" if he doesn't get it, because it is "just a vitamin". He has bad arthritis, and it IS a big deal if he doesn't get it, because it truly helps him feel and walk better. Our rescue is deeply in debt with this vet and I cannot count on them for help on this.

So in this instance, I have to figure this out on my own. It seems the ingredients are the same (the cosamin DS tablets would have to be quartered but thats fine). I just need to know if there are any other ingredients listed that would be harmful to him.

Cosamin DS ingredients found here: Ingredients

Any help appreciated.
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Not sure if this will help, but this is the guarenteed analysis from the back of my cosequin for cats box:
Glucosamine Hydrochloride 99%- 125mg
sodium chondroitin sulfate 95% (low molecular weight) - 100mg
ascorbic acid - 8mg
manganese - 1 mg

glucosamine hydrochloride, sodium chondroitin sulfate, gelatin, natural chicken flavor, natural tuna flavor, water, manganese ascorbate, mixed glycosaminoglycans, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, FD&C red#3, sodium lauryl, sulfate, and FD&C Blue #1

Also, fyi: the cosequin for cats in a tuna/chicken flavored powder in gel capsules (might explain the colorants and gelatin)... Supposed to put on food, but my cat won't touch it so I have to dump the powder in his mouth.

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Bird is on the Cosamin DS (btw, they have a $5 off coupon on their website they will mail to you ). I open the capsule and mix half of the powder with a tablespoon or so of canned cat food, twice a day (Bird's is for bladder inflamation- so far, so good ). She gobbles it up- asks for it even (along with her thyroid pill, hidden in a cat treat, in the canned cat food ).

Good luck! My vet is the one who suggested using the name brand Cosamin and I just get it at Walmart, so I don't have to remember to order it, or make a special trip to the vet.
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I don't think he would eat the Cosamin powder any better than the Dasuquin powder, so I'm looking to get the Cosamin DS tablets and cut them into quarters for the correct dose. I will have to pill him each day, but at the moment I don't see another option since he won't eat the powder in any kind of food or treat.

I just wanted to make sure the Cosamin was ok.
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the cosemein ds is for dogs isn't it? I got the cosemein for cats, and it is half the amount. How much does your cat weigh? It says on the bottle the weight and how much you should give them.

I was just using it with Pansy who recently developed UTI, and it doesn't appear to help. I started fiving him carpon, that I give to Fang for struvite crystals, and I think we nailed it.\\

My vet isn't much help either. I think we know more than they do.

Pansy won't eat it, I mix it with water and syringe it into him.
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I didn't realize Cosamin DS came in tablets--I've only seen it in capsules. You might also look at the dog Cosequin and/or Dasuquin--it has a different flavor. In April, Dr. Jean Hofve visited this site, and she recommended skipping the expensive products and just buyin glucosamine tablets from the health food store:
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The Cosamin DS is for humans and came from a vitamin store, but it seems to have identical ingredients to the Dasuquin/Cosequin. I know the Dasuquin only comes in powder capsules and I've only found capsules in the Cosequin as well, which is why I went looking for a human equivalent.

He is 12 1/2 pounds.
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Oh, the cosequin DS at petsmart is "double strength" and it is for the dogs, but the same stuff as the cats, just double the amount. It has 125 of gloucosamine hydrocholride, and 100 of chrondrotin. under ten pounds is one, over ten pounds is two a day.
Pansy weighs 14 pounds, and because he is so difficult to pill, I open the capsule and mix it in around a tsp of water, then suck it up in a syringe, and give it to him that way. He is pretty tolerant for this. He really hates me to shove a pill down his throat. He struggles with his head, and I can't get a good grip. However, we are making progress with the carpon tablets. I just wish he wouldn't struggle so much, it would be much better for both of us.

anyway, 250mg seems to be the amount for a n over 10 pound cat. has saved FAng, and now it is helping Pansy. Looks like I will have to buy twice as much now. I will use the rest of the cosequin on Pansy, it says you need 4 weeks to see the difference, but as long as he is getting the carpon, I won;t be able to tell if it is working or not, and besides that, you can't full around for 4 weeks, with the chance of your cat getting blocked. so who knows? Don't think it will be our mainstay.
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Would Catswell Happy Hips or Zuke's Hip Action treats help at all? Those have glucosamine. Nabu (who just turned 11 yrs) likes the Catswell treats. I found them at Petco. The Zuke's treats are harder for me to find.
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I have ordered some of the Zuke's treats, but I'm not sure if he will eat them. He's finicky and doesn't normally eat any treats. I haven't heard of the other brand, but will check them out as well. If he could eat treats instead of taking pills it would be MUCH easier!
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I use the Zukes treats. I used to use Cosequin but he didn't like the powder mixed in his food. He likes the treats just fine.
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Cosamin DS (for people) and Cosequin for cats and dogs are made by the same company, if I remember right. I did try the store version of the tablets with Bird, but I only got half as good results from it, if that much. I mention this because my vet said that the Cosamin/Cosequin were the only brands that were found to actually consistantly contain the supplement amounts, and I wasn't aware that Cosamin came in a tablet, either, though I hope I'm wrong since you need a tablet.
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Ok, I got some Cosamin DS tablets. I had to cut them into 4 pieces each to get the correct dosage. Getting the pill down him wasn't a joy, but it was MUCH easier than trying to get that huge capsule down him.

I did order the Zuke's treats though, so if he will eat them (doesn't like most treats, so that one is iffy) then I can do away with the pills.

I just want to find a long term solution for this so that he can be adopted. He has more chance of getting his forever home if this is all worked out and not something they will have to struggle with.
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Hmmm, I wonder if the tablets are cheaper, I have a pill crusher...
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Originally Posted by catsallover View Post
Hmmm, I wonder if the tablets are cheaper, I have a pill crusher...
It was about $25 for 75 tablets, and each tablet is 4 doses... It wouldn't have the tuna flavoring, etc. though so your cat may not like it as much as the Dasuquin or Cosequin.
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She's on the Cosamin DS capsules (for people) and I think they are about $26 for 72, minus $5 when I remember to get the coupon off the website(thankfully, if it's cheap and has gravy, she seems to eat it ). I have thought about cutting her dose down closer to the regular cat dosage to maintain, now that it has been working for a while.
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