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Ice Crusher

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My mom wants to purchase an ice crusher. Does anyone have any experience with them? She really wants one that will give her crushed ice like you can get at Sonic Drive-In. Something tells me she's not going to find that out there. Does anyone know if such an ice crusher exists for consumer purchase?
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Sonic sells bags of their ice.....
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Use a blender and a add ice and a bit of ice water and chop until it's fine Then pour off the water.
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Originally Posted by Mom of 4 View Post
Sonic sells bags of their ice.....
That's cool! I can't wait, they just put a Sonic in up the road from us (first one in our area) and it should be opening soon.
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I like the Ocean Water at Sonic and the add ins. My Dad had a Ice crusher that was kinda like Sonics Ice.
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We don't have a Sonic around here, so I'm not sure how fine their ice is crushed...are you talking about like slushy ice? Or just regular crushed ice? We have an electric ice crusher that gets it pretty fine (not slushy fine though) and it's as easy as can be. You just put the cube in the top it comes out the bottom.

This is similar to what we have:


My parents used to have one that you had to turn the handle to crush it and it was a real pain!
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