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Raw Food Recipes??

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Anybody out there make their own raw diet? If so, what are the costs??

The reason I ask is my raw food keeps jumping in price.

I'd like to see how hard/easy/cost effective it would be to make my own.

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raw food if I made it myself would have been abotu 15 a week for 2 small ones( cat and little dog)

you need 70-75 % muscle meat
10% bone
10-15% organs
remander is veggie s if you choose...
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If you're looking for some recipes, Holisticat has some as well as guidelines:

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I highly recommend this site (in case you aren't already familiar with it)...for overall discussion of feeding raw and a recipe or two.

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I use the same info as above. Here is the link to recipes.

This is what I get from my vet and it is so easy to use: It costs a fraction of packaged. I get my ground meat from the health food grocer. I buy some breasts to cut up some chunks and some livers to add. I freeze it for a few days and then use. My cats flip over it.

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