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Red Blood Cells/Bacteria in Urine

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My cat had a UA done last week and they found a low level of bacteria (they called it 1+) and a few red blood cells (normal is 1-3, her range was 4-10). The sample was taken from my litter box using aquarium gravel, so the vet said the bacteria could be from the box or the cat, but since there are also red blood cells, she suggested putting her on Baytril for two weeks. She isn't showing any signs of a UTI that are apparent to me. She took two doses of the meds just fine but now will not take them no matter what I do. I'm going to call my vet tomorrow for suggestions, but does anybody have any experience with test results like these? Does it seem like a pretty low amount of bacteria and blood to start antibiotics?
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It would be better for the Vet to get a sample. Thats what my Vet dose.
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She's never been able to get one because the cat is really overweight. I really wish she could get one.
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better to catch it early.
what kind of meds - pills or liquid?
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It must be pills because Baytril only comes in Pills.
Can you ask if you can switch to a liquid.
My Cats always get liquid.
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Ay, sometimes I think vets love to prescribe antibiotics for everything.
However, 2 weeks is a long time IMO. Check with your vet again.
BTW, my cats are never okay with meds after the first dose. You're not alone in that area.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
It must be pills because Baytril only comes in Pills.
Can you ask if you can switch to a liquid.
My Cats always get liquid.
see, i always get pills. i find them easier to administer.
3 suggestions: if you don't have one, sometimes a pill popper can make things easier. personally i prefer my fingers.
also, butter the pill well before attempting to give it - makes it slide down more easily. if you have that spray cheese, that can also work.
or pill pockets - some people have luck w/them, altho my cats aren't interested in them.
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I asked about a liquid and the vet said there isn't a "good option" that she knows of. She offered to see if a compounding pharmacy can make the anti-biotics into something that tastes good, and I think I will have her check on that tomorrow. I started out with the pill pockets and they worked great for two doses, but now she won't touch them. I have also tried hiding in cheese, covering with tuna juice, stirring in with Cat Sip, and crushing and mixing with cream cheese to put on her front paws. That last method seemed to work, but then i read somewhere that antibiotics don't work with dairy because the natural antibiotic in dairy cancels out the meds. Anyone know if this is true?
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Coco runs away when she sees me getting her Cefa Drops. They are Orange Flavored. The Clavamox was Bubbke Gum Flavored. It really depends on teh Cat. All these Meds work good for Infections. I almost got Baytril for Coco but took the Cefa because its liquid. I hope your Cat fels better.
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What I have been doing w/ my UTI kitty that was on meds 5 times a day....
1. Sit indian style w/ cat between legs.
2. Hold pill w/ a pair of regular tweezers.
2. Scruff cat with left hand (I'm right handed)
3. Administer pill by poking it (with tweezers) at corner of mouth until cat opens it's mouth, then stick as far back down the throat as possible.
4. Give treat afterwards as a reward.

This method has saved my fingers!

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Good luck!!
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