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New avatars!

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We've updated the avatars available to members - thanks Deb25 for running the contest that brought us some of the new additions and for making me do this :tounge2:

There are also new steps -
0-20 posts - a choice of one of 5 basic avatars.

20-50 posts - more avatars to choose from!

50-100 - even more

200-300 some more choice - this time with animated ones too!

300 and over - you may load your own avatar.

Now, I don't think this should affect anyone with existing avatars - I think this only holds from now on.

Hope you like them!
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Very nice!

Great job, everybody that submitted to the contest!
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I know I already mentioned it, but I LOVE your new Avator Anne!!! And a big thank you to Deb for all her hard work!!!
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All those kudos go to Lhezzza, thh20, and Crazy-Cat-Lover for taking the time to design the new ones! Thanks guys. They look great!
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I just checked them out... very nice guys!
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Really cool. I like the new ones.
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So I get to still keep the one I have? I don't think I am at 300 yet....maybe...close, I think....
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HOLY MOLY! I went over and didn't even know it.
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Finally - Lehzzza's super cool animated avatars have also been uploaded! Those of you with more than 200 posts can see and select them!
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