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My worse habit is letting things build up until they are awful and then doing everything all at once over the weekend. It's really not the best way to do things, especially because it makes it so overwhelming.

I found a great chart on Real Simple's website (http://www.realsimple.com). Obviously you would want to tailor it to your home and needs, but it's a good starting place. Only thing is it doesn't address daily things, like doing dishes and putting things away and making the bed and throwing loads of laundry in.

This is really more for maintenance of a house, a lot of it might not apply:

- Dust all hard surfaces
- Vacuum or mop
- Wipe down appliances
- Wipe down and disinfect counters
- Scrub and disinfect toilet
- Scrub and disinfect kitchen sink
- Clean and scrub down shower and bathtub
- Change and launder sheets

- Vacuum upholstery
- wipe out and disinfect wastebaskets
- wipe down and disinfect doorknobs
- wipe off and dust ceiling fans
- scrub the stove burner grates
- dust moldings
- wipe down front of kitchen cabinets
- clean and deodorize microwave

Every 3 to 6 Months:
- Launder or hand wash curtains
- vacuum mattresses every 3 months, flip every 6
- clean and condition leather furniture
- wash blinds
- deep vacuum drapes
- wash/wipe down baseboards
- clean and descale the coffeemaker
- clean the interior of the fridge
- polish stainless steel appliances
- clean and degrease the stove hood
- wash inside and out of windows

Every 6 to 12 Months:
- clean the oven
- wash/clean lamp shades
- sponge-clean upholstery
- wash or dry clean slipcovers
- launder or dry-clean pillows
- launder or dry-clean comforter
- wash and dry filter on stove
- vacuum or dust condensor coil on fridge
- scrub tile grout
- empty and clean cabinets
- wash fabric shades

Every Year:
- Professionally clean rugs
- touch up wood floors
- have upholstery cleaned every 2 years
- wash the walls
- professionally clean the carpet
- clean out the pantry
- professionally clean fabric shades
- professionally clean every 2 years
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I think it depends on what type of house you have, and how many cupboards you have too.

I live in a 40sq apartment that is just two rooms, a tiny kitchen and a tiny bathroom, with a guy and two cats. I don't clean his desk. We dont have any drawers, we have a big but yet small waldrobe. I like my house being clean but in theory when i have guests over, the stuff gets put into the other room, so its always messy, now its better as half of my stuff is shipped to Australia!

The only thing i really need is a dishwasher, another desk and a few drawers and the house would be spotless!
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I love this topic. More advice, please! Both of us are terrible procrastinators and we both "hate" cleaning. I never thought that my hatred of cleaning might be tied to perfectionism! But you are right, cleaning is never done, it can never be perfect. Plus it is so boring!

I need to create a routine or a list. I love all the suggestions here. They may really help me!

And I would love to join that Yahoo group, Messies Anonymous. I like having company over and I need to learn to be less messy!!!!
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Wow, you all have a ton of great ideas! I'll definitely try the 10 minute timer game thinger as well as tidying up before bed.. Is dusting really so much of a problem? Whenever I did it as a kid I never saw the point. Then again, I see the point at my dad's house..

Already it's better; we didn't have enough space for all of our stuff, and yet somehow this new place has enough storage for BOTH of our houses! I'm stoked.

My issue is that my dad is worse about it than I am (he literally has CORRIDORS in between the stacks and stacks and stacks of stuff) and my mom just hired a maid for us the entire time.. I have no skills. =(

Thanks so much, folks!
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First you have to get organized. Do a search in the lounge for past threads on the subject. There were some great tips in the past. You have to figure out what needs to be organized then work on the how before you start. It can be overwhelming at first. I think many people hate cleaning b/c they aren't organized. For instance my DH gets about 5 mags a month. I have a basket under the coffee table for him to stack them. Once they reach the top he has to discard them. Usually he takes them to work.

What I do depends on what room I am in before I start. Usually it's the basement so I start with say the bathroom, then up to the kitchen do to the dishes/sweep the floor, then up to 3rd floor and do the bathroom. Next day I will vacuum the basement and move up the stairs. I try to do all three floors in one day since the furbabies hate the monster.

Dusting is the worst IMO. The minute you finish the fur/dust comes right back. Do a little in each room daily.

Having a laundry basket with sections is a dream. Ours has 3 sections:
cold, warm, towels. I would also recommend having more than one set of sheets.
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Here is how to get help from the kitties from Nat:

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Throw things away! I have a rule that if I haven't used it in 6 months, I don't need it. Clutter is what will make you feel overwhelmed when you go to tidy up. In addition to that, organization. Everything should have a place, because again, you'll be overwhelmed when it comes to tidying up if you can't figure out where to put things.
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