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SPCA or not ?

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Hey all,

I have a question for all of you. My semi-feral cat gave birth to eight kittens 4-5 weeks ago. I was going to take the kittens up to the spca. Also I was going to take mom up and have her spade, but returned to me to go back to being an outside cat in the shed. My wife suggested that we give the mom to the spca as well. I have finally gotten the mom to take to me. She lets me pet her and bumps her head against me. I would love to bring her in, but I had previously found one of her kittens almost a year ago. I tried to bring one of the babies inside, but Tabbie hissed and growled at it. So I don't think that her and the mother would get along. Mom had also given birth to a girl and a boy cat as well last year. I am able to get kinda close to one, but no where near the other cat. ( I am going to have to trap them and get them fixed as well. )

Basicly, do you think that taking the mom to try and be adopted is the right thing to do ?
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I'm sure you'll get many different opinions on this but personally I would just spay the mother and return her to your yard. If she is feral than the odds of her being adopted are not very good.

The kittens though have a good chance and your definately making the right desicion by taking them in.
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I would not take a semi feral Cat there. If its a kill place the Kittens may not even have a good chance there. It is Kitten season now.
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I would not take any of them there if it is a kill shelter. No way.
Return the mother to being an outdoor cat and take care of her. She will be better off in your yard.
I would find out how many kittens they have and if they are going fast enough. If not then hold off. If you can.
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