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Keeping my sweet cat from going outside

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Dear Fellow Cat Enthusiasts,

I have a sweet, very smart, adventurous, 9 month old, male (neutered), domestic short hair grey and black tabby kitten, named J.T. Well, J.T. loves my three female large dogs and has discovered the dog door. He has successfully utilized the door for several outdoor escapades. I need my J.T. to remain an indoor kitty (as cruel as that may sound to some of you), given we live in Colorado and the foxes, wolves, and mountain lions around my house will eat cats. I just lost one of my dearest and oldest indoor cats to such a horrible outcome and I am determined that J.T. will remain inside, with me, for many fun filled years with no temptation. I tried a modified commercial mat with sharp nubbies in front and around the dog door as a deterrent (sorry, can't remember the name of the product - the nubbies were quite pointy); whereby, the large dogs could easily step over the creative maze and out - but a cat should not have been able without experiencing the mat. Well I watched my intelligent J.T. suffer the few discomforting steps and out the door he frolicked, following my female dogs for more fun in the Colorado sun! What I desperately need from the group are some other devices that keep cats away from an area (the dog door is located in my lalaundryoom). I want some sort of collar device that when J.T. passes the sensor, a negative reinforcement is applied (not a scshockhough, something more humane). I can't afford the automatic door device, just some type of collar that when J.T. roams past the laundry door or nears the dog door, he would be "sensed" and receive some sort of deterrent kitties just don't like. I appreciate any replies as I am desperate -Thank you.
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IMO I'd just let the dogs out a few times a day. Personally I don't like the dog/cat automatic doors to come and go for the very reason you are experiencing.

Is your yard fenced in? If so, can you get the extra piece that would prevent the cat from jumping over the fence? Its like chicken wire but facing inwards so the cat cannot get out.
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