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Cleo ~ first foster!

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Well here she is, she's about 10 years old and is not in very good shape by the look of her. She's settled into the spare bedroom and has a very loud purr, that's all I can tell you so far!

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she's a lovely tortie. good luck!
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Fingers crossed you can work some magic on her
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She has very pretty markings! I hope she settles in nicely and finds her forever home soon.
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Well she got through her first night ok but when we went in her room this morning it was so hot. Obviously we can't have the window open but we've let her have our fan. I hope she's going to be ok...
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Oh my goodness! She looks so sad in that first picture

I hope she settles in ok. Bless her.
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Beautiful girl!
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Yes she does look sad, she's breaking our hearts. She's not got much life in her, it's like she's resigned herself to everything that's happening to her.
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She is so pretty...but looks so sad. She needs lots of love

Sending her kisses from all my kitties and me
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Bless her, I hope she eventually finds a wonderful home.
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Fingers crossed she realises soon that things arent so bad - that is how I have my Molly, she was depressed at the rescue and not doing anything. 2.5years later, she is a happy, healthy 15yo, she just needed a home environment.
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We took her to the vets on wednesday, she was amazing, she had to have her neck shaved to have blood taken and didn't move! She just kept on purring. She's had a blood test to check for diabetes and was wormed, she also got special food for sensitive stomachs which seems to be helping a lot... no more diarrhoea!! She now comes to the bedroom door when she hears us and jumps on the bed to sit on my knee. I still don't know how long we'll have her and I'm worried that if she does have diabetes or something she wont be able to find a home at all. I don't want to take her on as my own but I won't see her put to sleep, I'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Vibes for this kitty please!!
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Aww, she is in my thoughts, and I hope her bloods show she is fine. I know the position you are in, one of my fosters was diagnosed with CRF two months ago, luckily we dont pts for it, but it does mean we can't rehome her, and at the time she was showing signs of being unhappy, so I was praying for my gut feeling to be wrong. Fortunately, she has turned round since then.
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Her blood test results show that there might be something wrong with her kidneys because she was dehydrated. She may need more tests, we're waiting to hear from someone from Cats Protection who knows her history.

New pics:

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Bless her heart. Lots of mega healthy coming over for the gorgeous girl

My kids have the same paw print blankie
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Fingers crossed it is nothing serious with her kidneys.
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