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When are the times

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when you feel overwhelmed with love for your cats? Sometimes when Popsie is curled up sleeping and I look at him, I feel like my heart will burst out of my chest with love. Or when when he's laying there looking at me with squinty eyes and he starts kneading. Then there are times when I'll purse my lips for a kiss and he'll bunt his head right into my lips to receive the kiss.
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I feel overwhelmed with love for Arwen when she is laying on my stomach facing me and she has a certain look in her eyes, it's so cute! (The contented look) Also when she is kneading, and I can sit and watch her do that for ages
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I love super affectionate nap times.

Every once in a while Spooky will go through a phase where she can't get enough of me. I take afternoon naps since I've been pregnant and Spooky will sometimes join me, laying on my chest and we will just lay there for an hour or so.

I also love it in the mornings. They hear me stirring as I wake up and the two of them will come running to my room and jump on the bed and demand some love and curl up beside me until I get up.

Some mornings, or in the night when I wake up Spooky will be on the end of the bed nearest to the door (almost guarding it) laying in her egyptian sphynx position.

Just love them too much some times.
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I am honestly most happy when I clean their litterbox. When I see their urine clumps are a good size, and their bm's are good. That lets me know they are not only happy but healthy.

I like it when I enter the room and they all give me that look, like, "Um, can I help you?" or when calvin is extra vocal screaming like a baby, so unlike a 'cat' or when he starts kneading the pillow like no tomorrow. I love it when birple vocalizes, when chloe follows me around and almost trips me and when callie licks me to death with just a pat on the head. I could do without the grooming of feet [ew] so I have to always make sure my pedicures are timely. LOL!!
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All the time, but especially in the early mornings when they come to snuggle and bunt.
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