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Expect the unexpected

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Well after leaving home early this morning my intentions were to take some shots of a stream in a local wood. The sun was just rising as I strolled down this track to the side of a freshly cut field of grass. What made me stop was the sound of a bird singing not far from me. As I turned to look for said bird I just caught sight to my left of this little fellow was tucked up in the hedge. Heart rate now moving up to that of an astronaut stepping out for the first time in space, I am deciding do I lift the camera up my eye and go for it, or do I check settings first. What a lot of calculations to make at 6.30am, he/she is looking at me and I am looking straight back, who`s gonna make the first move. Despite the daylight it was tucked up in the almost pitch black shade of a large tree. I thought pushing the iso to 1600 would be a bit much so settled for 800 and managed two shots. With that it was up on its feet and away like a rocket. Still shaking from excitement I was then met with abarrage of god knows how many rabbits jumping all over the place and two pheasants that took flight, I gotta sit down its getting all too much for the old ticker Anyway not the best shot in the world but its my first deer capture. Next time I think I will camp out in that spot and be prepared.
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I think it's a great shot.
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Thanks, like I said it caught me by surprise a bit. I was about 20 feet away from it, so I was lucky to be that close to a wild animal without frightning it off in the first place
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Such a good picture you have got there, great work!
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Beautiful shot -- especially when you couldn't take the time to fine tune. Lovely.
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It's beautiful!!!
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Oh, what a wonderful moment! And a beautiful picture to remember it by.
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Thanks, yes it was an exciting moment. And oh yeh! the pics of down by the stream

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