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Anyone make their own yoghurt??

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We don't really eat that much but sometimes it would be nice to have for recipes? I was looking at a catalog for a yoghurt maker but would like input if these are really effective and how the yoghurt turns out.
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When we had goats when I was little, my mum decided she was going to make yoghurt because there was so much milk.

Now this probably wasn`t the best idea as her cookery skills left a lot to be desired and I was never sure whether goats milk tasted gross or whether it was because she made it The novelty soon wore off and she stopped.

All I remember is a big bottle of something (something acid? ) and a bowl of rancid stuff in the airing cupboard masqerading as 'yoghurt in progress'

I`m sure they must make stuff to make it easier to make your own now
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It's apparently really easy to make. I've never made it but a fellow who was driving me in a taxi one day, I think he was from India, mentioned that his wife makes fresh yogurt everyday, and went on to tell me how it was made.

The first batch she made was from whole milk and some plain ready made yogurt (for the bacteria culture). I can't remember what else. But it was all heated on the stove to a certain temperature and then left over night and it was ready by morning. Subsequent batches were made the same way, but instead of store bought plain yogurt, she just uses some of the previous batch.

If you look up "yogurt making recipe" or something to that effect in google, you will find recipes.
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We used to have a yogurt maker and the yogurt came out pretty good. We flavored it also. This was about 20 years ago.
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I make yoghert.. Except it's unintentional. I really need to be cleaner. ^_^; Good luck with the recipes!
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i'm from germany and my mom used to make it. she'd get fresh whole milk from a farmer daily and she'd put some in a crock jar, cover it with a cloth and set it in the basement for a couple days til it thickenend. then she mixed fresh fruit into it. something about the temperature in the basement that was just right i think.
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I make yogurt all the time, and have for several years. I bought a Yogourmet brand yogurt maker and follow the directions on it. I use either Custom Probiotics yogurt starter or Klaire Labs Culturaid for the bacteria. I also let mine culture for 24 hours to make it extra potent. Kitties love it, too!

Good luck!
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