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I'm soo livid!!!!

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over the weekend my kids stayed over at my mil's house ok..it was just the 2 older girls..Amber and Shalee..well my mil and her dh hasn't lived in this house for very long and there is a stair way that doesn't yet have a banister on it yet....when you first walk in, you are already upstairs ok..well, the other day when I went to go pick up the girls, my mil, and her sister was there...she had her grandbabies over there, this is the 2 boys that I babysit, and they are 3 years old, and 18 months old ok..well when I pull into the driveway, Jonathon the 3 year old is just outside all by himself running around with no adult out there at all...AARRGG THEN, I go inside and everyone is sitting at the kitchen table and not even watchng the baby who is 18 months old..he started walking just 2 months ago too by the way...anyway...to remind you, there is an area where the stairs are and a drop of a whole case of stairs....no bannister, and NOONE is even watching this baby!!!!!!!!!!!!
My kids will not stay over there anymore until she gets a bannister up...I just don't understand why noone was watching him....and letting a 3 year old go outside all by himself..he just turned 2 in January.....talk about neglectful people!!!!!!!
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YIKES!! What are these people thinking? Were they aware that this kid was outside with nobody around? That is a tragedy waiting to happen. I think you are smart to not have your kids there!
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I meant to put he just turned 3 in January
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I agree! Keep them away,intill they fix the place up!
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You've a right to be livid, and you're doing the right thing!!!
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Kathy....I would be livid too!!!! I have a baby myself (her name is Amber also) and I would be so mad if noone was watching her...she can't walk yet, but she crawls, and with no bannister on the stairs!!!! Geesh!!!! They could have been seriously hurt!!!! I don't blame you for not letting her watch them for awhile!!! What was she thinking?
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