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My cat hates Dasuquin

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My 11-year old, Artemis, has arthritis in her knees. I had noticed that she developed a clicking sound when she walked. The vet x-rayed her and found bone spurs in her knees -- really bad ones.
Anyway, he wants her to take one Dasuquin capsule everyday. But she hates the stuff. I put it in Tuna, I put in some canned cat food that she normally woofs down but she will not eat it.
Are there little treats that I could put the capsule's contents into that she might eat?

Are there other versions of Dasuquin? I don't think I can dump the powder down her throat. Thanks.
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Pill pockets, hollow soft treats available from many vets and online including at amazon. My cat loves them and takes the pill
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I'm having the very same problem with my foster cat. He won't eat the powder mixed in anything at all. The capsules are too big to "pill" him with, and the powder won't fit into pill pockets, unless you used about 4 of them. I tried that even, but he wouldn't eat them.

If you find a solution, please let me know!
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I'm dumping cosequin (for cats) down my cat's throat now... it's in powder form and he hates it, so I just dump it in his mouth before meals. Cosequin makes a small dog version that I think might be pill-able size that I might look into.

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I've given my cats Cosequin capsules by mouth--I treat it like any other large pill and always follow it with food or water. You may want to ask the vet about Adequan.
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Okay, she won't eat the pill pockets with the powder in them. I don't want to ram the capsules down her throat though the vet said I could put butter on them and do it that way. I'm sure if I sprinkle it on her regular food and don't give her much (like half the usual amount) that I might get her to take it that way. Right now she's getting a steroid everyday and that pilling is traumatic enough. If anyone has another idea please let me know. I could try dumping in down her throat but...

I don't want to upset her so much that fears me when I approach.

Thanks for all the advice. I'll let you know what happens.
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You could ask your vet if they can "compound it" with a tasty liquid chicken flavor.
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