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Kitty problems:(

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Hello everyone:

I've been having a little problem with my cats. I have 4 kitties, Lucas, Princess, Fuzzy and my baby SofÃ:censor:a. Well, my first three cats are all from the same Mommy cat, but SofÃ:censor:a has another mommy, and since I adopted SofÃ:censor:a Fuzzy started acting strange. He is a male cat, he is a year and a half and he is neutered. he started meowing a lot and he started leaving for days, I've been so worried because he left for 15 days, I looked for him everywhere without success. It is weird because he loves his brothers and sisters, but he hates SofÃ:censor:a.

Last night I went to the movies and when i got back I saw a cat in the dark in front of my house and it was him!! i ran to him and when i saw him I started crying, he looks awful! He is thin, he is all bones, he is loosing hair and his ears look terrible. he used to be a gorgeous cat. I fed him and I decided to keep him inside so i can take him to the vet tomorrow, but I know he is going to leave again and the same will happen. I don't know what to do

I feel so guilty about this, this all happened because I adopted SofÃ:censor:a and he feels jealous I guess, but I have always given him the same love and attention, I guess he just doesn't like her. my Mom wants me to try and find a home for SofÃ:censor:a, but I don't want to, I love her so much.

I feel so sad right now, my Fuzzy looks so sick and weak, I can't wait to take him to the vet, sadly Fuzzy's vet is not opened on Sundays

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He will only leave again IF you continue to let him outside unsuprevised. If you don't want to make him an inside kitty permanently you have two choices:

1. Build/buy a cat enclosure to let him sit outside for awhile, or

2. Train him to a harness/leash and take him outside to walk around.

IMO with what happened to him, I'd be making him a permanent inside cat!
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Fuzzy has always loved to be inside, but he also loves to go outside, and before we had Sofía everything worked perfectly, but now he doesn't want to be inside or outside, he just leaves and I don't know where she goes. Right now I have him inside and he has been crying like crazy all morning, scratching at the door. It is a very difficult situation. I will keep him inside, but I know he won't stop crying until he goes outside again. I will try to take him out with a leash, I hope it works. I just want him to be healthy and happy like he used to be.

Thanks for your help
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I add my vote to the outdoor enclosure. When we adopted Oliver he had been an outdoor cat and drove us nuts crying, spraying and trying to get outside. We got him a Kittywalk enclosure and he loves it--he spends a few hours out there every day, even in the winter. We add a section on to it every year and now it takes up 1/2 our patio . They've really come down in price in the past couple of years.

You can see him in this photo, we recently bought another 'wing' (on the right of the picture) but haven't attached it yet. We put chicken wire around the outside as a neighbourhood cat kept coming by and tormenting him.
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Wow, that looks great, I will have to see if I can find an enclosure like that, I've never seen them in the pet stores, I'll have to check Thanks

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I don't think they sell them in stores, I got mine either at cat shows or online. You can see all their products here:

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I love your set up - that is cool looking. In the future, we'll have an enclosed porch with screens and that will be the closest our cats will get to "outside"
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Thanks, he absolutely loves it. My only complaint is that if he doesn't want to come in, we have to crawl inside to get him out since it's so long
A screened in porch would be great too!
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