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Sunday! What's On Your Agenda?

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Morning All!!!

Going to be another scorcher here today very humid...

Heading off to work shortly just a catch-up with paperwork and such day so should be finished by 3-4.

Having dinner with my aunt this evening then helping her to put up some new drapes that she made..They are very nice she is very talented when it comes to sewing which I wish I was...

The kitties are fine, not overly happy with the hot weather but have their various spots to hide out from the heat..Linus seems to favor laying in the bathtub, while Sassy and Pixie just lounge in front of the fans...

Everyone have a great day
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We're staying in out of the heat! So hot we're not even going to Church. Hope everyone is staying cool.
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tiger likes laying in the sink while pepe loves the tub which I find funny since tiger is the bigger of the two and he scrinches himself into the sink

today is pretty humid and hot here as well but we have to go see my parents dog since she has to stay with my sister because my parents are looking for a house out of town
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Awww it's lazy Sunday!

I think we might be going to see a movie! "The Zohan"
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Good afternoon!

Today DH and I will probably go bike riding - even though it is excruciatingly hot out! It's 93 and feels like 98! We aren't getting a reprieve from those temps any time soon I'm drinking a bottle of water BEFORE we go out, and bringing two along with me, since last time I nearly blacked out due to drinking next to no water before going!

Then we'll probably just come back home and relax in the A/C, and watch Animation Domination on FOX (Simpsons, King of the Hill, Family Guy, and American Dad).
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Well the temperature gauge says only 66F for us but humidity is high as its been raining since about 7 am. Supposed to get another 1-1.5 inches yet before tomorrow morning.

Well there goes any gardening for today!! But I got my raspberry weeded,fertilized and mulched yesterday as well as we (well Neil and the tractor) pulled out three 30 yr old Yew shrubs. With only only really bad rut (and one not so bad). But now the roots/stubs are very wet in the lawn and I have many many hostas to replant sometime!!

Bakker was a very very bad boy yesterday. We let im out with the others about 7:30 am and he didn't make an appearance until 5 pm. I did alot of calling and looking for him-he must have another new hiding spot.grrrr

So finally got the press release done and have to email mail it to lots of places. Will read a book and relax...................
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Well, I bought a pretty new shirt yesterday and I was planning on wearing it and putting on make up for my boyfriend who says I don't dress up anough for him, and we were supposed to go to Olive Garden for lunch, which he had been promising me we were going to do for 2 weeks. (We don't go out much, he has a phobia of restaurant food being contaminated) Well, as soon as I got up this morning, I had a pet sitting call to do, and he said he changed his mind (like I knew he would) and we were going to go for breakfast. I went to my truck to go to the housecall, and he followed me and I said what are you doing? He said I thought we were going to breakfast? I hadn't brushed my hair, not even my teeth yet and he wanted me to go to breakfast like that. I even still had pillow marks on my face. So we ate breakfast at this disgusting little dive he heard about. (which he wouldn't have set foot in if he'd seen it ahead of time. Talk about gross!) Which now it didn't matter what I looked like, some of West Allis' finest were there...that's a'd have to live here to get it. I didn't even eat half my $3.95 breakfast, it was so greasy. So, I'm sure that will be my dining out experience for the next 6 months since he never goes anywhere. And now somehow he's mad at me for not being appreciative....I tell ya. I should have stayed in bed, and dreamed about salad and breadsticks dipped in alfredo sauce.
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We went to Travis' games this morning. Luckily it was at 9:30am so it was nice and breezy. Although it was already 80 degrees at that time! It is supposed to get up to 94 degrees so we may go swimming. I think we are about to head out to go shopping at Old Navy and my office manager is coming over to get the grill she and her fiance bought from us later.

6 days until Myrtle Beach!
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Today i'm planning to go pick out a dress and get my nails done. (we were too busy before our wedding to get engagement pictures taken, so tomorrow we're getting "newlywed" pictures taken and i need something to wear for them.)

That's pretty much all i have planned at the moment- i might try and go to the Asian market tonight with Colin and swing by my mom's house to visit with her and check on Jasmine's progress over there.
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It is unseasonably cool here and rainey, but dh is going to weed the veggie garden, I'm going to pack orders, finish my newsletter, do some tidying in my den, use my recumbent bike...we are going to put together a new cat tree we got

I will also catch up on laundry (dh has to tinker with the dryer first - it needs to have the hose vacumned out - lint is collecting/blocking), work on a meal plan for the week, order a father's day present for my step-dad
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