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It's been a while

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Wow its been a long time since I posted anything. Life got really stressful for a while there. We found out that our apartment building was sold and the rent was being raised $200 a month. We were already paying $825 and there was no way we could afford the increase so we had to move. We found a new place thats a bit more but its worth it because Monkey(Karma) is a legal citizen now. We can also get a dog at no extra charge. So we will be doing that soon. The new place is considerably smaller but we have a yard and have total freedom to plant what ever we want. Monkey loves the new place. She can sit and watch the birds all day long. I feel like I don't exsist to her any more, all she wants to do is watch the birds.

I have to run but will post more later about the move and whats been going on later. More about the potential new pet too.
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It's so nice to see you! Welcome back!
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Not sure if I have met you yet..but Welcome Back anyways! Good to see you around
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well welcome back we havent met yet
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welcome back!
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Welcome back!
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Its good to see you and hear things are good now, with you and your baby girl.
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Welcome back!! Glad you two are doing well and good luck on acquiring your newest addition to the household!
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