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Heat and appetite

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Can the heat affect a cats appetite? I've noticed ever since it got so stinking hot, Popsie has been eating less. I've been using the AC though so it's not like it's really hot in my house.
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It sure is affecting my three kitties, but I don't have air conditioning anymore. that it's the heat.
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Pretty common, in my experience. My appetite decreases when it's very warm out too!
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My Cats do the same and we have A/C.
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I was actually thinking of starting a post with the same question as my kitties are much more lethargic and are eating less. I would be too if I had a big fur coat on
We have AC but the motor died last night so now it's back to fans
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Yes it can. A few times when it was really hot my rexes would eat less then normal. However, be sure to keep water bowls filled up
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Oh yeah, water bowls are definately full. He's using them too.
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Hi !
In very hot days I always put some ice cubes in their water and they love it !

Beside that if he is eating less... would you be able to look at his teeth? just in case

I noticed a couple of days ago that one of my cats was eating less and I observed carefully while he eats and looked like if he was in I opened his mouth and I saw plaque on his back teeth and the gums have a small red line near the teeth so we are going to the vet later...

Best regards
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Yes... I notice that the heat affects my 2. More lethargic as another poster had mentioned. I do have A/C on, but it's still around 80. Damn bills are too high to lower it!
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My cats appetites are down a little bit since it started being around 74* in our apartment. I'm scared to find out what the AC bill will be for this large-ish 2 story townhouse. Right now we're just opening windows and running the fans.
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No fans here.... it's 100 degrees today!
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No fans, no AC and we have some hot little kitties!

All three are eating a bit less - I notice it when I portion out their wet food at night. We just changed dry foods to a more nutritious one, so they are eating less of that anyway, so I have used their wet food as an indicator. Conor - normally my little vacuum cleaner - hasn't even been able to finish off the leftovers...
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My 3 definitely aren't eating like they usually do either. I always have a bowl of iced water in the conservatory because it was 90 degrees in there yesterday, but they love lying in the heat
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