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Wow! Talk about fast selling!

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I've been putting off selling my exercise bike. I think I've used it for a combined total of 1 hour since I bought it a few years ago.

It's a great bike, but I'm large and my stomach gets in the way and my legs have to work against it and I tire out within a few minutes so I don't get any benefit from it. Add that to the fact that I broke my foot almost 3 years ago and the pressure of the pedal causes me lots of pain.

So tonight I bit the bullet and took a picture and posted it on an online sales site for my area. The ad has been up for about 1/2 hour and I've already had 2 inquiries. One I applied to by email and the other gave her phone number so I called. Both are interested but I told both that I am selling to the first one who comes to look at it and pays me and that I'm not going to hold it.

So the girl I phoned shoved her husband out the door to come and pick it up now!

So I gave it a quick washing to get rid of the dust.

They're getting a good bike and I'm getting some space back.


This is an excellent site! A year ago I posted my universal gym and it it sold within 4 hours!
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I posted it at 8:30 pm and it's been picked up already!

I think I'm going to go through my kitchen and start selling some stuff from there that I don't use, like my waffle maker, ice cream maker, pressure canner, pressure cooker and a gazillion other small kitchen appliances and gadgets!

I get in these moods where I just want to declutter and take back space. My idea of a perfect room is what you see in a show room. Furniture, a few pictures on the wall and clear tables. And my apartment hasn't looked like that in years!
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Congrats on selling it so quickly! And the difference between a show room and a real room is someone has lived in a real room! Show rooms have no real life to them!
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Wow, that's fabulous - congrats!
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Congrats! Hey, how much are you selling that pressure canner for? Can I can tomatoes with it? DH bought 12 tomato plants for the two of us so I think we need another solution besides eating tomatoes every day!
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That is great you sold it so fast! I wish you lived here because I would have bought it!

A couple of years ago, I won an Xbox at work. My dh played with it about 6-7 months and then got bored with it. I sold some of the games I had bought on Ebay. I had bought the games used. Then I sold the Xbox with one game on Ebay. The person who bought it paid MORE for it used then what it would have gone for NEW!! I found out later that they had stopped selling that model on the Eastcoast and they were very difficult to find!

Goodluck with selling some of your other stuff!
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When Neil bought his new jointer earlier this year I took pics of the old one and posted on Craigs list. I got an inquiry within 30 minutes and that person came that evening and bought it!! Other stuff didn't do so well so I depends on the market!!

We should do a TCS rummage sale!! (anyone with the 1st star trek Christmas ornament??)
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I just love Craig's List. I bought a Bose sound system and hated it. Put it on Craig's List and got so many hits, I couldn't believe it. Listed it on Saturday and the guy came on Monday to pick it up.

It's a great alternative to Ebay because you are dealing with locals in your own neighborhood.
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