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My husband is an army guy (and to show how much I really pay attention to what he does and says) he was in a parade in Ottawa this weekend on parliament hill for some 125th anniversary of something. Not as important as what happened to the uniformed guys on parade today.

It's been mostly cool, but the weeks rain and cloud made it hot and muggy. Today it finally cleared in time for the parade, and it was hot! Hot day, muggy with hot muggy wind. Can you imagine? The uniform my husband was in is similar to the RCMP uniforms, a big red thing, and a big brass helmet.

I got to stay home and miss all the fun in the heat, but he said guys were passing out like crazy. The trombone player in the band fell off the mock stage and broke his arm. Couple of guys holding staffs went down too.

When it comes to standing at attention on parliament hill, you pass out before you go down on one knee to rest. An honour thing.

He can't wait to come home and jump in the river to cool off.