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Your show dog's favorite food is what?

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I had insomnia last night and I found a Eukanuba dog show in Denver, I think, on TV. Every now and then, the commentators would say what the dog's - champion dogs - fav food was. One loved pizza, another Kentucky Fried Chicken and a third watermelon! Okay, I can see the watermelon, but the other two?
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red peppers she is not a show dog thou ... just a spoiled house baby
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My dog is Italian through and trough and would eat pasta, meatballs, pizza pie, tamato basil linguini, chicken parmesan, spaghetti with meat sauce and bread (plus many other Italian dishes) all day everyday if he his mean Momma would let him

His name Snowball Antonio fits him well.
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Vino is not a show dog, but he loves jelly beans I give him one as a treat every once in awhile.... like mommy like doggie
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Mine are a far cry from being show dogs, but they really, really, really like to lick the bottom of the cat food bowls clean. Either that or turkey.
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Pizza bones, mac-and-cheese, Boston Cream Pie, Cheeze Doodles, lamb patties, grass, jack mackerel, Tostitoes, Cracklin Bran cereal, hard to say what their FAVORITE is!
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My girl goes bonkers for her vitamin C tablet...she hears the jar rattle and she is at TOTAL attention...haven't found a dog treat yet that she goes as goofy for!Lol!
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