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I'm proud of my daughter!

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My daughter is having the time of her life on a Girl Scout trip to London, England! Her troop has been together for 8-9 years, and they have all earned their bronze and silver awards. They have been planning on taking this trip to the Pax Lodge in London for 6 years, and actively earning money for over 2 years. In addition, they bridged to Senior Scouting over the Thames and have made a pact to earn their gold awards, not to quit scouting, and to become lifetime scouts at the end of high school. So there's my little brag.
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That so awesome. What a great experience for her. I'd be proud too.
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Very Cool!!
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You are so right to brag! Awesome!
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Fantastic! Congratulations to your daughter.
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That is awesome! I have been thinking about becoming a volunteer for the girl scouts around here. I was never involved but it sounds like a great experience!

for you and your daughter!
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That's awesome!

I didnt make it very far in girl scouts ... the troop kept excluding me and another friend in everything, so we both dropped it after a month.
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Wow! How cool!

We don't have "Girl Scouts" here, but I was in "Girl Guides" when I was in grade 6.

I remember begging my Mom to let me join. The uniforms were horridly expensive: sixty dollars back in 1974!! We really didn't have a lot of money but my Mom somehow managed to get me a uniform.

I think I lasted 2 months and then I didn't want to go anymore.

We never went anywhere or did anything. Every meeting was in the school gym where we sat around a plastic log fire singing stupid songs like "I'm a little tea cup" and acting out the words, and "Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly"

We camped in the gym! Actually it wasn't camping per se. We went to the gym and had to set up some pup tents on the gym floor and spent about 1/2 an hour in them before playing with a parachute.

It was the most stupid thing I've ever been part of.

Now I hear of Guides and Scouts going on real camping trips, trips out of the country, going on tours of factories etc. I wish my experience in Guides would have been more positive.
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Wow! Good for her!

You have every right to brag!
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very very awesome!! it will be an experience she will remember that is for sure
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Aww that's excellent!

The weather here is perfect for her as well
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That's a great achievement! I hope they really enjoy their trip.
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You should be so very proud of her. Thanks for sharing it with us Kim
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What a wonderful experience for her! She sounds like an amazing person.
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I wasn't fond of the "roughing it" part of scouting. Gotta have flush toilets and A/C.
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***Hugs***..... to boths!,...
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