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Kitten Aggresive With Food

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My kitten, Monkey, is only two months old but ever since I got him, he already acquired bad habits like going to the trash and knocking it down and if I am eating anything, he would go and beg me for a bite. IF he find any goods like meat in the garbage, he would growl to everyone that its his and if anyone tried to take it away, he would bite. So I end up putting him in another room while me and my family eat. I leave dry food for him to munch on all day and I also supply him with half a ration of wet food. How do I break him of the habit? I don't want him to eat people food.
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Well, kittens are very playful, active and curious. The bad habits you are talking about are not bad at all.
I suggest you do not give him food when he begs for it. Get trash bins with snap on lids. Give him toys, specially ones that keep him occupied.
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Paddington did this when we first took him in - he would growl and growl away anytime he found any food HE wanted. Luckily, his sister knocked some sense into him (she is very much the dominant cat...).

How long have you had Monkey? I know once our kittens got comfortable with us (and realised that we would continue to feed them), they stopped doing this. They are still curious little things, but listen to us more when we move them away from us while eating. I agree with the previous poster - Monkey is still a tiny little kitten, so he is going to get up to no good! The trash can thing is obviously a bit of a concern (knocking it over, that is!), so a solution for that might be necessary....

My friends keep their cats out of the room while they eat as well - find what works for you all and then stick with it...
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I,too. think it's a kitten thing. My cats used to beg to try everything I was eating, but they are a year old now and aren't so persistent anymore. I do put the garbage can in the cupboard under the sink because they would still go after that if bored.
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