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Vistor at work.

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We had a vistor that hung around work the last few days. A gorgeous, and HUGE moth. The body was at least 2 inches long, and wing span I would guess to be at least 6-8 inches. It was hanging around our break area for the last few days, ever since bad storms came through. It could fly, but not very well, so it may have been damaged in the storms. I really don't think it was feeling well because it didn't fly away when I came so close I could almost touch it. Isn't there something on their wings that, if it comes off, it can't fly until it regenerates?

I don't know much (if anything) about moths, but this one was gorgeous! I came home last night and did a search, and I think I found the species. I loved the "quarter moon" on it's wings, so I'm pretty sure this is the same species.

It was resting on the wall during my first break yesterday, and my lunch break, but was gone on my last break...hopefully it recovered and flew away. I never knew moths could be so pretty!
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Wow, he is pretty! I still think I would have been a little creeped out since he was so big, though. I hope he did recover and flew away!

Nice of you guys to let him hang around while he recovered.
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! Wow! I remember once late at night I heard what sounded like a bird beating itself against the window. So I crept downstairs and there was a giant moth thumping against the french doors trying to get in! All the cats were crowded around the door watching it, eek!
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He was beautiful! I thought he was a butterfly at first, because he held his wings up instead of folding them beside him. But a co-worker told me it was a moth because of his feathery antenas (antenea?) Anyway, his feelers had feathers on them and that apparently is how you can tell butterflies from moths.
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Moths are often mistaken for butterflies. Some are very beautiful! You had a nice one for sure!
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Very cool!!!
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Moths wait until darkness comes to fly, so he was probably just resting. Nice.
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wow he is pretty!! Usually moth's creep me out but that one would be interesting to see!
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