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Kitten URI getting worse?

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I first saw my Milo at the local animal shelter last Saturday. He looked fairly healthy, but I noticed that some of the other cats were sneezing. I went back on Monday to complete his paperwork and he still seemed to be okay. I couldn't take him home until Wednesday because they wouldn't release him to me until he was neutered. I picked him up Wednesday afternoon and noticed green stuff around his nose, a little bit of build up in the corner of his eye, sneezing, and his eyes were kind of glassy. I called the vet back up and they put him on an antibiotic (Clavamax .5 ml 2x day) I've been wiping away the gunk with a warm washcloth every time I see it. It seemed to be gradually getting better until this morning. His eyes seemed okay, but there was a lot of green mucus around his nose (similar to the 1st day I got him). I wiped it away and gave him his morning dose. I've been cleaning his nose every hour. I called the vet and I have to wait another couple hours for them to get back to me.

Milo's appetite is good and he's drinking plenty of of water. He's still very playful and alert. Aside from the nasal discharge and sneezing, he's acting like a normal kitten. Something that crossed my mind was that today is a lot hotter. They said it's going to be in the 90's today. In my house it's about 80 degrees. I didn't know if putting on the AC would help or hurt him.

Also, I have this odd feeling that he's younger that what the shelter told me. First they said he was 10 weeks, then 9 weeks. He seems awfully small and it looks to be that he only recently started getting his teeth. Both me and a family friend (who has owned a pet sitting/care service for 20 years) think he's about 6 weeks old. Is there any other way to judge his age?

...so does anyone have any advice while I wait? I can feel myself turning back into a nervous new mommy.
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Congratulations on the new kitten! I'm sorry he's not feeling well but it sounds like you are taking good care of him.

Your main concerns should be that he is eating and drinking, especially in this hot weather. I don't think the AC would hurt him as long as it's not too cold.

There are a few ways to estimate his age, weight would be one if he's growing normally. They should weigh roughly 1 lb per month. His development would also indicate his age, is he litter trained?
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Hi - I agree with the other poster. You doing a great job taking care of him. As long as he is eating and drinking and acting like himself. Also, give the antibiotic 3-4 days to kick in before you start to see improvement.
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