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My doggie ran away!!!!!

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hubby got up to go to work and nanook wasn't on his runner!! We can't find him anywhere. the outside kittens are still there and not scared so i have no clue where he went. He wasn't chasing them. I'm so upset

there is an update about snowwhite in her thread.
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I hope you find your dog soon! Sending come home quick vibes your way!
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Boy when it rain's it pour's at your house! hope you find the dog soon!
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Good Luck!
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rich is at the spca now to see if anyone turned him in stuff like this always happens in bunches to us. it's like the animals plan together in an attempt to make us crazy!
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oh my gosh,,,i hope you find the radio stations and ask if anyone has seen her, and have them announce it....Good Luck!! and let us know!!
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Ack! I am praying for the safe return of your beloved doggy.
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How horrible! I, too, your find your dog! I would be devastated if Ashley took off on me
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my baby is still MIA Rich went to the spca and he is not there. We have looked everywhere!! we even were playing with his toys hoping he would here them and come running. Misty and rich went for a walk to look for him and nothing I dont know where he could be. I miss him so much already. here is what he looks like...there aren't very many dogs that look like him.
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Oh no.. He's still MIA. I pray that he will find his way to home today!!!
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How could he have gotten off the lead? THat's so strange!!! I'm so, so sorry he's gone missing! ...and you've already got so much on your mind.

Sending Nanook come home thoughts your way!!!! STOP WORRYING MOMMY AND COME HOME!!!

You should consider printing out a bunch of pics with your phone number on them, and make sure to get them to at least the local vets and shelters.... and then post them at the supermarket and local pet stores, etc.
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I am SO sorry to hear this!!!!! I hope you find him very soon!!!! I will send up a prayer for him to find his way home!!! Keep us posted!!!!
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I hope your doggy comes home soon!
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Have you checked with your neighbors? Maybe they've seen him running loose or even took him in?
I really hope you find him soon! Sending you good vibes from Nebraska!! Oh..and hugs too! (((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))
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How terrible! I can imagine how you feel, after Pollýanna went missing a few weeks ago.
I hope you will find each other again, very soon!
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he is still gone our neighbors are wonderful and everyone is looking for him. dh keeps going to the spca to check and see if he is there. We are both just so heart broken I want him to come home!!
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I'm so sorry to hear he has not been found yet.
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