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New Addition

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DH and I decided that this little guy may help to heal our hearts after loosing all of our dogs except one over the last year. Originally we had said 'no more dogs' Mostly because our hearts were so broken.

This is Tucker, he is a AKC Golden Retriever. We are his third people He was born December 24, 2007, a litter of 9! The unsold/remaining pups were booted outside after 2 months of age. He learned many things those couple of months, none of them good. We have had him a little over a month now and he is doing wonderfully. We found him on Craigs List for $50 rehoming fee. He was 4 houses down, second owner couldn't handle him and already had a 4 month old pup. They didn't get along!!! Long story but I do want to say this though, he is my new heart boy. Unbelievable pup, and not just because he is ours! Wanted to share him with all of you.

I will also post a pic of our other Golden, KayLee, she is 4 years old and has a severe grade 5+ heart murmur. We did not give her back to the breeder because they were going to 'get rid of her' due to defect. (Grade 2 at 4 months of age) She also suffers from high anxiety, and panic disorder. We do not care about her issues, we just work with them. She is expected to have a life span between 4 and 6 years.


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That adorable little guy will most surely heal your hearts. What a cutie!
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Gorgeous dogs!
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Oh my goodness!!! Tucker is so cute! I'm so glad you adopted him! I know you will give him a great loving home!
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Kaylee is beautiful too! And you are wonderful to care for her!
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OMG, Tucker is adorable!!!! And Kaylee is beautiful too. It sounds like they are both very lucky to have you. Enjoy those beautiful Goldens!
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What a sweetie!!!
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They're both adorable!
I have a Golden too, Ginger, she's a very dark red girl. She'll be 12 years old this summer.

Here's a photo:

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congrats on the new pup!
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What gorgeous dogs.
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They both have such sweet faces! Especially KayLee. I can see a fair bit of mischief in Tucker.
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