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Monday's DT

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Brrr...31 degrees here, but it is supposed to go up to the mid 40's. What happened to the 70 degree weather we had last week?

The cats decided to have a kitty rodeo all night long, so I didn't get that much sleep. Somehow, BF has slept through it all.

I can't believe tomorrow will be April! The magnolia tree on my front lawn is full of pink buds and just waiting to open. My daffodils and hyacinths are starting to bloom, and the neighbor's forsythia is in full swing! I love spring, now if only the weather will cooperate....
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I feel as though I've been dragged backward, through a briar patch. Didn't sleep much and Rowdy went on a tear, at 4:15. Good thing that I don't have any job interviews, today.

My VA check comes in, tomorrow and I am going to buy a bed, for this room! Then, I can shut Rowdy out and maybe get some sleep.

Nothing going on, here today. I need to go to the library and to get cigarettes. Looks as though I'm not quitting, this month.

Hopefully, I can get my life in order, soon. I think that I'm pretty well resigned, to going it alone.
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what a cruddy day! The snow (yes, snow) we were supposed to get yesterday came today, so I had to clean off my car. I think I either ate something that disagreed with me or I have the stomach flu-I was getting up to use the bathroom all night, and now I'm nauseated. But, I have to be in work because we are working on a paper we want to get out ASAP. So, I'm drinking tea and sucking on mints to keep my stomach settled.

I hope everyone has a much better day than I am!
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Christy - I hope you feel better soon

Cindy - you know you are in my thoughts - stay strong.

I am busy at work today and will probably be off for most of the week taking care of my mom. I will try to check in as often as possible. If I am not here often I hope everyone has a good week. It is currently snowing here - I thought it was supposed to be spring - Ick!
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25* here today,ick!!! The baby kitte's are driving me & Ted nut's! They do not want to stay in the box,come out all the time and meow,meow,meow,loudly!!!!!Mommy keep's takeing them back in and 2 second's they are back out! Oh well,I still love them! They are starting to eat solid food,and walking good.Last night she tried to put them under the couch,they wanted nothing to do with that!Today I finlly got her to let me put the box in our small bathroom,in the box,and turned out the light,put up a gate,covered the gate with a towel.All is calm for the time being,no one is aloud to use that bath room,when they are sleeping! [I have 2] Ok Ok I will quit babbing,
Have a nice day!
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Should be 85+ today!!!

Woohoo - Summer is here!
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So like WE woke up with snow on the freakin' ground! How crazy is that? I thought I was going to die when I saw it blowing like crazy last night.

My crocus plants are up and have their blossoms! My tulips and dafs are popping up, as well...and SNOW! UGH! Well, welcome to Michigan.

I think I will go tanning today and try to get back into the warm mental mode
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I'm trying to keep myself busy at work today, and it's not going very well. It in the mid-60s today and is supposed to be in the 70s tomorrow and for the rest of the week (I think). Hopefully those big mounds of snow from the big storm will finally melt this week. Trying to stay motivated while looking outside isn't working.

Gosh, it's hard to believe it's almost April. this year is going way too fast! Guess that also means I need to do my taxes! We aren't getting anything back, so I didn't see any big rush to get them done.
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PA was in on the snow too, luckily it wasn't cold enough to have it stick on much more than the grass, and there wasn't a lot of it anyhow. It still made for a dreary day yesterday though.

I have to call the care dealership today to make an appointment to have my car looked at, the gas gage is acting all wonkey, and not reading correctly. It is still under warrenty, so at least there is that .

I don't know what go into my cats over the weekend, but they let me sleep in! I was amazed. They are forever surprising me .
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It's pretty chilly here in Georgia, but we don't have snow. Still, compared to the 70+ degree weather we had last week, the 40's and 50's seem cold!

Other than that, I've had a very uneventful day. Classes as usual. My fiance is working tonight, so I'll have to find a way to keep myself occupied.
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Yeah, we got hit with the snow, but it didn't stick. YAY! But I miss that 60 degree weather we had all last week....

Lhezza - enjoy that lovely weather for all of us, PLEEEZZZEEEEE????

Cindy - I'm not sure what you're talking about, but I think I saw a thread, so I'll go in search of....

Christy - hope you feel better!!! I HATE having to work when I'm sick.

Carrie - (welcome back!) - at least you've got those crocuses and tulips - and I don't think that snow should last long...

Viva - just work on that Cat Site addiction while hubby's at class... :tounge2:

Jamie - good luck with the car! ...and I pray for the day our cats will let us sleep in.

Heidi - I thought you loved winter and the snow!!!!!

Sherral - kitties are SO cute - but what a pain in the butt! (IMO )

Ady - your mum is in my prayers. I hope you have as good a week as possible...

Sue - THAT sounds more like our house. Except hubby has insomnia, so he never sleeps through it. I'm the likely candidate for that....

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their day!!!
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Woo sunny and hot here today!

Project today is to paint the bathroom. First time painting a room, so I figured I'd start with the smallest room in the house! We are only renting, but we just moved out of a very colorful house, and so being in this all white one seems so boring. Hope I can make it look alright, and manage to keep Bella and Pepper out of the paint! I might be on here asking for painting tips in a bit!

Have a good day everyone. Sorry for you guys with snow and yucky weather - I'll send sunny thoughts your way!
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Laurie, I generally do like winter and snow, although 4 feet in 2 days was a bit much. The problem is that all that's left are the big ugly mounds where they scooped the snow, which are now black and icky. And you can't see around them (some of them, like the one by my work!) when you're turning out of a parking lot. Those are just ugly.
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...and dangerous. I know exactly what you're talking about now... Please be careful!
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