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Hey all. I haven't been around much lately but thats becayse I'm on vacation in GR Mich!
However, back home in CA my mom adopted one of our prior fosters.
Her name is Paris, she is PURE white long haired, long tail absolutely beautiful!
The only set back (which is quite a big one if you ask me) is the she is terrified of EVERYTHING!
Which is why my mom wanted to adopt her. She was afraid that Paris would hide alll the time and not be seen by the public.
So now we are a 3 cat and 1 dog family!

Sugar, Spice, Paris and Max!

I'll post pictures as soon as I can!
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Paris sounds like the purr-fect addition to your furfamily.
I will look forward to seeing photos of your sweet beauty.
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Welcome to Paris!... and glad that you are here again!..
can´t wait for the pic´s!..
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Hey all. I have the pics of paris!!!
I think we are chaning her name tho. We already have Sugar and Spice, so my mom wants to call her Splenda.
So, I was trying to add the pics of Splenda but the button thing wasn't working. So here are the links =)


Splenda needs your good vibes and thoughts. She got a really bad ear infection last week and just the other day is flared up to the point that she needs a vet check. Turns out she has a herma-somthin and needs surgery, which will cost about $500!
Shes our baby now so we will make sure it gets taken care of. She had to be left at the vet overnight which makes me sad.
I get to go home tomorrow, so I'll see her then.

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