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Getting sorta frustrated...need advice help!

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Hello all!

I have a 7 week old kitten(she was six weeks when I got her). Anyway she is not quite litter trained all the way. I have two older cats ages 2 and 4 and they love her. They all play nicely together. However Marley(the kitten) only goes in the big cats litter box(a cave-like one) if I put her in there. When I see her sniffing around I put her in the litter box and she goes.

I recently started locking her in the bathroom with the other two cats to get her more use to the litter. She does not cry when in there with them. When she is alone she screams so loud and I am worried my neighbors will complain. So yeah this morning when I looked she FINALLY started using her own little litter box. When I let her out on a little roaming time, I found a some poop piles. I have already taken her to the vet and they said she had no worms yet and is healthy. Well now her poop is runny like yogurt, and her little bum looks red. I am going to try to make an appt for some drontal tomorrow just in case.

So what else should I be doing to get her more potty trained? I know 7 weeks they should be fully trained by now right? She is eating and drinking well, and is a playful cute kitten. She also just started to try to bury her poop she goes. But sometimes she does not bury at all. All thats wrong is the pooping and being out of the little box. What else can I do? I am worried she will never be trained.
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A 6-7 week old kitten is NOT totally potty trained, nor are they really weaned. Its better to stay with mom/siblings for at least 10-12 weeks old. By that time they are weaned and using the box properly.

How deep is the pan you are using? It may be too big for the kitten right now. We used a shallow cake pan (1 inch high) for young kittens up to 5-6 weeks old, then a shallow bigger plastic pan (about 2-3 inches high) after that. If the kitten cannot get in and out of the pan easily, they will wind up going on the floor next to the pan.
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That is what I am using is a cake pan. Oh I wish she would go near the litter box instead of me finding surprises.

When I got her the owner already said they were weaned. She already eats solid and wet kitten food.

So is locking her in the bathroom a good idea? I feel bad for my other two cats but it's the only way Marley will stay in there without screaming to the top of her lungs. How long will I have to do this? Sometimes when I left for work I would let them roam the house. But now I want to keep them locked in the bathroom will this help?

Thanks in advance for all the help. I have never had a kitten this young. I had to take her or she was gonna end up at the pound(I was looking for my last kitten to begin with).
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Keep one poopie of the older cats in her litter box so she knows what you want in her box. I did this with a feral to teach her what the silly plastic box with sand was for. Just one poopie should do the trick.

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Nearly all of my kittens are completely litter-box familiar by the time they are 6 to 7 weeks if not before. I guess it is different with other breeders or with different cats.

You can also try to have a few more small boxes scattered around the area she is allowed to explore. Kittens that young can't always make it to the box in time, so will go wherever they are. If there are a few more (temporary) boxes around for her to use, you might have fewer accidents to clean up.

For now, just continue being patient with her. The older cats will educate her on proper house manners and you will find that as she matures, these types of things will happen less often.
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I know Marley is just a baby still, so I am patient. I am just worried she won't get the grasp of it. Ever.

I thought of having litter boxes all over my apt, but then I thought that might confuse her. I want her to know that the litter box will always be in the bathroom.

See I thought most kittens were potty trained by eight weeks.

Does runny poo mean worms for sure?

She is a Siamese mix does that matter?
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Just like with human babies it takes constant repetition. You just have to keep walking her to the box over and over when you see her starting to act like she is going to go. At 7 weeks she is still really young. I wouldn't expect any kitten to really be fully litter trained with minimal accidents til 10-12 weeks old. Even then you may still see a few here and there it really depends on the individual kitten and how fast it matures each one is different just like human babies, some are fully potty trained by 2 and some are 3 and still working on it.

I would also watch locking her in the room with the box. You don't want to create a negative experience for her with her box. If she starts associating being locked up with her box then you may end up having major potty issues.
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Thanks you guys are awesome!

When she is in the bathroom she has toys food(wet and dry) and two lazy big kitties to play with. I don't think she has caught on she is in there for the litter box.

If I am in the bathroom putting make up on or something I have caught her just hop into the big kitties litter box. I do have a little step stool for her as it is a little high for her.

We are on our way to the vet right now to get drontal cause this runny pooh is out of control lol

I am just a worried a mommy that my kitten is slow.
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My 7 week olds are using a standard adult litter box.

The reason for multiple boxes for her is that young kitties are like human babies, it takes practice and repetition before those little muscles are strong enough to hold it long enough to make it to the box in time.

Just like human kids during potty training, they get the concept, but often don't realize they have to go until it's too late.

She'll do fine, my kittens were all feral born and at 7 weeks, they are fully box trained and fully weaned, to the point that they know when wet food time is and will come find me.
You'd never know that they were frightened, traumatized, hissing, spitting little feral born devils just two weeks ago.
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My kitties are 7 weeks, on their way to be feral and they use their box. I put Kitten Attract in their box. Then I put them in there. They were using the box when they first came. At 5 and 6 weeks.
My kittens were outside so they were taught things by their mother.
Marley will come along. I would have a few extra pans just so she goes and then move them closer and closer to the bathroom. Keep putting in it even if she acts like she doesn't have to go.
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you also might want to consider the Kitten Attract litter. my local Petsmart carries it.
good luck w/the diarrhea!
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I have two more pans out now as she is roaming the apartment now. Also since she does have very loose stool that is another reason why I am watching her closely and don't want her to have free reign of the house all the time.

Her tush is all red and swollen this normal?

She got the injection of the droncit hope it starts working soon.

I may still leave her in the bathroom at night. She already pooped on my bed once. Her diarrhea will stain for sure.

My poor baby I just want her to get this down. It's making me worried.
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