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Meet Billy!

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Billy is finally home! This makes 3! He was found all by his lonesome at about 1 week with a cut on his face, so they put him in another litter. He is very gentle and loving.. and a pro at the litter box! A lot of people wanted him, so I'm feeling rather lucky!

After settling in a bit I brought my Saint Bernard, Kita, to come & meet him. He was nothing short of HORRIFIED but, just as quickly, he wanted to play with her. Now he can't stop chasing "invisible nothings" around the room purring. One of the cats, Kitten, has already met him as well. On one paw she could've cared less. On the other, if he got way too close, she'd give him a little bat and carry on.

Well, his ears are satellite dishes and his paws are huge, so we're all thinking he'll grow into a big boy!

Thanks for stopping by to meet him!
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what a pretty little boy!
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He's beautiful! What a wonderful addition to your family!
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He is soooo adorable!!
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Awwwww......he's gorgeous!!!
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I am in love with Billy.
Don't you love the stage where their ears are to large for their head?
You're right....
Billy is going to be a big boy when he grows up.
Lucky you.
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complete Adorable!........ wonderful!..
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welcome! cuteee kitty!
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Billy is all ears for the compliments!
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Welcome to TCS!!! What a cutie!!! I'm so glad you found us! This is the best site around for cat lovers everywhere!

See you in the forums!
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