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Hello, the 9 kittens are still alive and well. 1 got conjunctivitis, but it seems to be getting better. Another one has a cold and is sneezing a lot with a runny nose and the female tuxedo is sneezing a bit too. I assume this is all normal for young kittens, although I would like them to not be sick so its easier to give them away during their extremely cute 6-9 week phase.

And thats my problem. I have had 2 people back out of taking a kitten each.

3 are going to live on a farm.
1 is going to a co-worker.
1 me and my wife are keeping because Runty is too cute, and
1 is probably going to my wife's co-worker.

That leaves 3 kittens left to be adopted. The farm people might take 4 of the kittens. They will be indoor at first until they are full size, and then indoor/outdoor because they need them to kill rodents on their farm. They understand that the cats will still need to be fed regular food, and that it won't make them any less likely to be mousers. Also I am paying for them to be spayed, shots, ect... and there is no road traffic near their farm.

Its not ideal, but much better than what would have happened had I not adopted the mom.

So....anyone need a kitten ? Should I put up signs for free kittens? I have asked everyone I know and the usual answer is 1) I am allergic to cats or 2) I have a big dog.

Do no kill shelters take in cats if you make a donation, even if they are full? I will call and ask.

Anyways, thanks guys. If this ever happens again, I will know what to expect because of you all.