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Just Chillin'

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Here are my two devon/sphynx cross babies sitting on my printer. Now, they're 11 months old so not so little anymore, but they are still my babies.

Bob and Bonnie Bumfuzz:

Also here is a pic of Bonnie showing how lanky and pinky bald she is LOL. They both have the best personalities, Bonnie loves to nap with me during the day under my covers.

I would love for someone who has sphynx to show a picture of their cat/s so I can compare traits. Bonnie has the devon face but sphynx is really dominant in her.
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aww, what cutie pies!
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I just wanted to say how beautiful your babies are!!
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They're very cute!
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Thanks all for the comments! I love them alot and they make our house interesting LOL. Since I have 5 cats, they just add so much more fun to the mix. They make my other siamese boys look lazy LOL. They are quite active, and Bob is quite vocal.

I've been at our new house all day yesterday doing some cleaning, so today is more of that as well. The cats are gonna love all of the niches in our new place, but I'm hoping not too much because I want to put things in the niches that hopefully they won't knock over! I guess we'll see
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OH MY GOODNESS!!! I love them! Awwwwww!!!!!

More pictures some day!!!
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AWWW, they look so cute and adorable!!!
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