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Hello, All.

I'm having an issue with Maddox eating his good, then going and regurgitating it back up. He eats really fast, so I'm assuming this is why he does this. He doesn't do it all the time, but I hate when he does. Any ideas? Have any of you babies done this?
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Some folks have had success with raising the food dishes while others I know say that feeding smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day works best. You might try both and see if either works for your Maddox.

I hope others will come in and share their tips as well.
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Bella used to do this a lot. Vet said she's eating too fast, they're still competing for food (both are rescue cats). Giving more frequent smaller meals (no more than a 1/4 of a 3oz can at a time--so a couple of spoonfulls basically) did help somewhat. Putting marbles in the bowl didn't help and was gross to clean. We raised her dish off the floor (slowed her down a little).

I have to say, we're down to puking much less frequently since I had to change their diet, so I also think she had an allergic problem. Stan has some skin issues and we've cut out wheat and chicken because of it. Bella has puked 2x in the last month and it was hairballs both times, not pure food as in the past. Previously it was a few times a week.
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Thanks, ladies. I will try feeding him smaller amounts throughout the day.
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Kitty used to be so bad but 'touch wood' he`s a lot better now.

I feed him his wet food of a flat dish on top of an old dvd box now and I put down the equivelant of 2-3 teaspoons worth at a time and wait 5-15 minutes in between each lot. It sounds time consumming but isn`t once you work it into your routine.

*Get up and feed him a little*
Make myself a drink, feed Maisie, scoop her poop, run my bath,
*Feed him a little more*
Have bath, get dressed, try to find keys
*Feed him again*

Also he was always doing it in the morning ( empty stomach ) so I make sure he has enough dry food to last him through the night, I put that down just before I go to bed and I feed him a high meat content wet, and a light version of dry food( He is quite rotund ).

Hope that helps a little
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