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Cutest Kitten in the World

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So, some of you helped me yesterday deciding if I should bring this kitten home, since my SO was quite reluctant to do so (in fact, gave me a resounding NO initially). After a long talk, he agreed to let her come home, and as I'm typing this - daddy's girl is in a blanket nest that he made in his lap for her - sound asleep. He just "officially" met her this morning, as he works second shift. By the time he left for work, he had named her - Alexis. We'll be calling her Lexie. He's already instructed me that I should always greet her with her name (yes sir!!!) so that she learns her name.

And Sammy is definitely more of a momma's boy. And I've been assuring him that he's my number one boy and spending one on one time with him - especially since he's also relatively new. He's behind me in the computer chair while I'm writing this.

But - I knew that she'd win him over! She just needed some time alone with him to cast her spell over him! After all - who could say no to "the cutest kitten in the world"?

Introducing........Lexie!!! (aka "I'm cuuuuuuuuute!!!!")

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what a super cutie When I saw the headline I thought, 'cutest kitten?! some people may disagree with that'... but then I saw the pics She is very close to the cutest kitten in the world, and I hope you have a long and hapy future
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Yeah - I did think about the title and it being a bit presumptious - how about ONE of the cutest kittens in the world?
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I think we all have the cutest kitten(s)/cat(s) in the world!

Such a cutie pie! Beautiful markings!
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I agree - ALL kittens are the CUTEST! Thanks for the congrats!
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Who could not fall hopelessly in love with Lexi?
She is adorable.
You hit the jackpot when you brought this cutie into your life.

Welcome to TCS Lexi.
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Definitely a cutie!
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..sooooooooo cute!!! congratulations Lexie, Meowmy is sooo deep happy with you and Sammy too!......
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welcome! cuteee kitty!
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Well, I never got to see Butzie as a kitty, so you can have a cutest kittie!
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What a beauty! Congrats!
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Oh my goodness she is soooooo cute!!! I'm so glad he let you get her! I was laughing through most of your post. Sounds just like my SO!!! He didn't want another kitten, but as soon as he saw Stuart (who I wasn't planning on keeping) we just HAD to keep him

"He's already instructed me that I should always greet her with her name (yes sir!!!!)"
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She's definitely a daddy's girl. After he took his shower last night he was watching some movies in the bedroom and by the time I came to bed, she smelled just like his cologne. She can do NO wrong with him - even when she decided 4 in the morning would be a great time to race around the bed. He just woke up, played with her a little (she's just a baby afterall, he tells me) and then went back to sleep.

He's said on several occassions this weekend "she's not going ANYwhere!"

I think he's really enjoying his first experience with a kitten.

Oh - and Sammy is really having fun with her and enjoying his one on one spoil sessions with me.
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oooh she is just adorable!

congrats on getting her!
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Welcome to TCS Lexie you little sweetie-pie!
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