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I'm getting my BSN right and am thinking about working in labor and delivery for awhile and then maybe going back for a master's in midwifery.
Does anyone have any experience about life as a midwife vs labor and delivery nurse? Is the pay much better as a midwife?
Can it be hard to get a job in midwifery since a lot of hospitals (esp here in NYC) are pushing out midwives in favor of using doctors?
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Nursing is very different in different parts of the country.
You are more likely to see a midwife in a rural area than in the bigger cities around here. And malpractice insurance is a killer, with an OB being among the highest.

Work in the hospital, get some experieince and an idea of how much you like it, makes some connections. Then decide what you do or don't want to do.
I have a good friend who is in charge of L&D at one of the local hospitals. She loves it, the pay is good and malpractice insurance is reasonable.
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