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How old to start trimming claws?

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I made the mistake this evening of visiting my 5 week old foster kittens when I was wearing shorts--now my legs and ankles are scratched as they like to use me as a climbing post and when it's 4 against 1 I don't stand a chance (they have a real post but seem to prefer me )

So I was wondering how old do they need to be before I can start trimming their little razor-like claws?
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I think that you can begin weekly trimming when they are about 3-4 weeks old. So with 5 week old kittens you can certainly start right away.

I assume that you know to try not to cut the quick, have styptic powder and treats handy, try trimming when the kittens are sleepy or at least somewhat calm (by kitten standards, mind you), etc. Make the experience as positive as possible and they should all be pretty accepting of it throughout their lives.
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I always start when they're about 3 weeks old to start getting them accustomed to it. I use human nail clippers for awhile, while they're still small.
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I started cliping as soon as I could get my hands on them, now I take all 4 to the groomer, they don't struggle as much, and they get them much shorter then I can. I still do them myself sometimes, IF I have too
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I start at 3-4 weeks old. Use a small fingernail clipper and just take off the tiny tips. Its not that easy to do; I find if I let the kittens lay on their tummies on my lap its a little easier. They still squirm a lot As they get older, I train them to lay on their backs in my arms/lap and get them done.
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i would say you can start between 3 to 5 weeks of age also remember the early they get used to it begin done they will not give you a hard time the older they get good luck
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Thanks for all the input, I enlisted the help of my husband and we clipped them this morning. The fingernail clippers were a good idea They didn't fuss too much, we only did the front claws as we didn't want to push it. We also did mom while we were at it and she didn't seem to mind, she just appreciates some attention on her instead of the kittens

On a side note, do people usually trim the back claws as well? I usually just do my cats' front claws.
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Next is the bath......good luck....we do bath day once a month. I have one that loves it. AND 3 that don't, but all do okay. It's funny when they are all wet.

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On very young kittens (under 2 months old) I usually only do the front ones. As they get older, then I will start doing all 4 feet. The backs don't grow as fast, but IMO they still need to be trimmed.
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