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Help with L-Lysine

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My vet just prescribed L-Lysine for my two kittens who have a URI. They are almost 9 weeks old. She weighs 1.3 and he weighs 2lbs. She told me to give 1ml 2x a day. I got home and attempted to give it to them but I can barely suck up the L-Lysine into the syringe. I tried squeezing some into a bowl and then drawing it in that way and ended up with barely any in the syringe. I ended up taking out the plunger and kind of poured it into the syringe part and then pushed the excess out until I had 1ml. I tried to give it to her and she somehow pretty much pushed almost all of it back out her mouth. I haven't attempted him yet because he is sleeping under the bed. They are currently also on Cephalexin and Terramycin ointment (along with Albon and Fortiflora for Coccidia and now Metronidazole for Diahrrea). I really haven't had any problems giving the other meds by mouth. Is this a normal reaction to L-Lysine? It actually smells good so I thought it would be tolerated better. I should add that after trying to give it to her I peeled off the prescription label to read the tube and it says the suggested dose for cats over 6 months is 1.25ml (1/4tsp) given orally 2x a day and under 6 months is 0.65ml (1/8tsp) given orally 2x a day. 1ml seems like to much based on the those directions. Can it possibly be mixed with food? Any help is appreciated.
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It's one of the few medicines we can mix with wet food (gravy type) and Punkin will eat voluntarily, so it must taste pretty good!
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First of all Lysine is not going to harm them if they get a little too much...and you must admit that it seems like they won't be getting down the WHOLE amount anyway It may also depend on how much support she thinks they need with their URI'S.

Fiona has Feline Herpes virus which makes her get reoccuring URI's. She HATES the Lysine stuff....tolerates the meds much better (how weird is that!) I thought the same thing you smells good why won't she eat it? But they don't breathe well with URI's so their sense of smell probably isn't working well and it is goopy strange stuff to them.

It is not critical that they take it, but it certainly does HELP. Maybe you can feed it off your hand instead? But to answer you question, yes it can be mixed with food....are they eating well though? You could use whole meat BABY food and use just a teaspoon to get them to eat it. It is important because their sense of smell is not great to make sure they are eating and if not get super smelly food so they will be enticed

Hoping the kitties feel better soon! I am sure they will having a caring person like you looking after them
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When our vet prescribed L-Lysine for our kittens we took in from outside last year we purchased Viralys Oral Gel online. They were already on two medicines by dropper so I decided it would be easier to use the gel. Although it says that is is palatable, they didn't like the taste too much, but I would put a bit on their paw and then they would lick it off. It helped and we still use if they get another URI or when Little Larry starts with his eye again- When he came in he had a terrible eye infection that took 2 months to clear up.

I have also mixed the dry L-Lysine into a favorite flavor of their food and had success with that as well. Good Luck with everything!
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I give one of my cats L-Lysine. It's called Enisyl and it's in a pump bottle. I put it on my finger and give it to Frankie every day. He is such a good boy and tolerates it very well.
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i usually put the lysine in the drinkwell. Pixel drinks only from that fountain, & she's my herpes girl. i use 1000mg per 16 ounces of water.
if your kitten likes wet food, you can add the lysine to the food... my Pixel won't touch wet, which is why i went the water route.
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Carter has been on Lysine for a few weeks to help keep herpes from flaring up in his eyes. The vet told me the best way to give it to him was on his food, so I've been squirting it one there during his meals. I give him dry food, and it seems he likes it because he always licks up the Lysine first before he starts eating.
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forgot to mention in my post that i don't use the lysine preparations. i buy lysine capsules [found in the vitamin section, btw] & use the contents.
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Thanks all so much for the help. I will try it on my finger tomorrow morning and see how that goes. I would love it if they did that since I have to mix the fortiflora in their wet food also.

JIL05 I am also using Viralys Oral Gel. Did you put the full amount on their paw from the start or did you ease them into it?
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I recently started using lysine, I add it to the Drinkwell fountain. I bought a 1 lb container online, it's a LOT cheaper than the capsules and I find it dissolves easier.
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Hi Mara C,

I have always just put the full amount on their paw. At times when they were little they would run and a bit would fall off, but now they just lick it all off without a problem.
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I use the Lysine in the powder form for my kitty. I just mix it in with a little bit of Lactaid milk and he drinks it down. It seems to dissolve very well in water and milk. You could try tuna juice also.
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Where can I buy the Lysine powder and how much do you use? They won't take it buy syringe or through food so I have been putting it on their paw. The male will lick it off however the female doesn't even care it is there. She ends up with a crustly maple smelling paw!!
Thank you all for the help!
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Originally Posted by MaraC View Post
Where can I buy the Lysine powder and how much do you use? They won't take it buy syringe or through food so I have been putting it on their paw. The male will lick it off however the female doesn't even care it is there. She ends up with a crustly maple smelling paw!!
Thank you all for the help!
yeah, that's part of my problem w/the viralys. it's marketed for cats - why isn't it tuna or chicken flavored?
i get the capsules at my local drug emporium. i think the powder is marketed online. these are the caps i get, tho: lysine capsules
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I bought mine online at a company called It was $12.49 for a pound plus shipping. I wasn't able to find the powder in stores. On the bottle it says 1/4 teaspoon is 435 mg of lysine, so if you want to give them about 500 mg a day then that would just about do it.
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