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thinking of getting a different litterbox (anyone use top entry?)

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Raven and Jack share a litter box and have had no problems doing so. Even since I have switched from scoopable litter (and scooping AT LEAST every other day) to clay litter (and changing the box 1 time a week).
The litterbox I currently have is a booda dome jumbo box (with steps going inside. It was supposed to reduce tracking because of the litter catching stairs, it doesn't. And I am finding that it is hard to clean because of its odd shape (it is hard to dump the litter into a grocery sack without spilling half of it out). I have tried litterbox liners but the cats really don't like them being in there.
So I am probably (after we have money) going to either go to a regular square shaped jumbo pan or one of the top entry litterboxes.
So I have a question, does anyone here use the top entry litterbox and do you/your cats like it? I have 3 young kids and like that it is supposed to be kid proof (not that I have ever had problems, currently the box is in our room which is pretty much a no kid zone)?

I do not want to spend a lot of money on something (like the one I have) that I ultimately won't like.

This is the top entry litterbox I am talking about:
I really like the idea, and how big it is, it looks like a rubbermaid box.
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I think that most litter boxes are over priced, especially the top entry boxes.

I wanted covered boxes but couldn't see spending $35 on a box to hold poop. So I bought an 18 gallon rubbermaid and cut a hole in the side, works great. The same concept would work with top entry, just cut a hole in the lid. Cost $4-8 around here I paid $4 for my 18 gallons

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Originally Posted by Jack31 View Post
So I bought an 18 gallon rubbermaid and cut a hole in the side, works great. The same concept would work with top entry, just cut a hole in the lid.
or you could just leave the lid off. most cats would have little problem jumping into one.
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My sister-in-law's cat uses a top-entry box. She seems to like it (she goes in boxes at any given oppertunity to hide, etc.). It is good sized and the top is very rigid. If you wanted to make one, I'd suggest finding a very rigid toped one, otherwise, cat might be spooked by it bending, etc.

FYI the top entry really makes it easy to put the box anywhere, as you don't have to leave room for an entrance. They currently have theirs in a closet.

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I'm not sure how a top entry box would reduce tracking. I can see how it would stop litter from flying out though!

I just bought a huge rubbermaid, cut a hole in one end and keep the litterbox on the opposite end. They're forced to walk over a litter mat and that seems to reduce the sawdust that finds its way outside the box.
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I tried the Clevercat top entry on my gang. They wouldn't go into the box until I took the top off, which turned it into a very expensive sterilite bin. Once used to it topless, I put the top back on and they refused to use it until I took it back off.

The top is very rigid and they can stand on it. It does nothing about preventing litter tracking.
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Mine wont use that kind of pan either.
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I use the big Rubbermaid bins with about half the lid cut out for an entrance. They cost about $4 apiece, and are bigger than most of the litter boxes at the pet store. My 5 cats all use them just fine. I don't know that I'd say it eliminates tracking, but it has definitely cut down on litter scatter since litter does not get kicked out when they dig.
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I read in a cat care book that cats generall prefer non top boxes. Would you like to crawl in and poop in a small narrow stinky covered box? (imagine the difference between a port-o-potty and a spacious bathroom) They also need room to move and i think a top box prevents cat especially likes to move and turn and scratch everywhere. a little box is going to stink by day 3 or 4 whether you have a top box or not. i got a simple one with no top (and less expensve) and it seems to work good for both of its easier to clean up. theres no small little corners and spaces where dirty litter can get trapped in. good luck with your search
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I too use Rubbermaid boxes for litter boxes, but I leave the lid on and cut a square out in the front-similar to a covered little box. Best part is it only cost $3.50! They use it no problem, but as for tracking, the best thing that works for me is one of those mats that are made to go under litter boxes.
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I have read that a cat views a closed litterbox as using a porta potty, but I have never had any problems with mine and I do keep it clean.
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I use closed boxes and it doesn't seem to bother my boys at all--they are always kept clean.

If there was an issue I would defiitely switch but why switch if it isn't an issue.

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I am another Rubbermaid storage box user. I cut most of one side out leaving a three sided box. Then I got one of those round wooden tables for $5 and put the box under the round table and put a decorative scrap of material over the table to conceal the box. I pinned part of the material up for an entrance. I turn the entrance toward the wall leaving them room to get in. A Drymate litter mat really cut down the tracking. You would never know a litterbox is there. Provided it's kept clean. Another option I have used is a concrete mixing pan from the home building center. It was about $4 and is a thick large plastic tray. They worked very well.
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I admit it, I was a sucker who paid $30 for what is essentially a Rubbermaid tote with a hole in the lid.

I needed something that was going to be nearly dog-proof (we have a basenji- 'nuff said.) and it has really worked in that regard. Albus has never had an issue with using it- I transitioned him into it from a regular, open box by putting it next to the open box and putting him in there so he could feel the litter was there. I left the lid off for a couple of days and he started it using it immediately instead of the open box. After a couple of days, I put the lid on and took away the old box and he's been happy with it ever since.

Every cat is different of course, but cats in general seem to be more modest about their business (in comparison to dogs) so I've never had a cat who didn't have a problem using a closed box.

As for the litter tracking, I think the theory is that you're supposed to put it against the wall with the end that has the hole against the wall (the hole in the lid isn't centered, it's closer to one end) and then the cat walks across the lid with the grooves on it to knock the litter out of their paws. I don't have mine set up the right way- we keep it in the office and it's sort of functions as our "don't know what to do with it? Throw it in there!" room, as well. Once we re-sort the room, I'm going to put it against the wall and with a filing cabinet and set of drawers on each side of it, so Albus will have to walk across the top- now he just jumps out and goes wherever, so it's not really doing its job.
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can't remember if i've posted this... but i really like this litter box cover. cat bench
wouldn't work for what i currently use [littermaids] but it'd be great for manual scoop boxes!

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