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Foster Room Set Up

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I knew I'd be asking for a lot of advice! This time I really would just like some feedback. I've never set a room up for a terrified mommy and kittens before!

So this is the current set up (ignore the messy desk!):

They are currently in a cardboard box on its side, which is inside a dog crate. I just took the top of the dog crate off, because it was kind of smelly in there!

I would just like some feedback. My questions:

*Should I leave the top on or off? The room is enclosed and I think kitty-proof. There is one futon they can get under, but I pulled it out so there is no enticing corner to hide in.

*Should I move her litter out of the crate? I don't want it out of her comfort zone, but I don't want the babies breathing that in, either!

*Should I move the crate closer to the wall? I didn't want the door right up against her supplies, so she can get out easier if she wants.

Any other insight you have is appreciated!

PS- Can you see her little head in the cardboard box in the crate?
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Congratulations on taking in the little family

How old are the kittens?

I would move the litterbox outside of the bedding area. Cats prefer to eat and sleep in a spot away from their bathroom. What type of litter are you using? You should avoid the clay clumping kind as the kittens will likely ingest some when they start training. I'm using swheat scoop for my 5 week old kittens.

Personally I would put a plastic chair mat under the litter box as the litter tracks everywhere and it looks like you have carpet in there

I would keep the lid off the crate and move it closer to the wall and as far away from the door as you can to make it private.

It looks like a nice comfortable place for your kitties!
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My 'cat nursery' looked very similar to yours before the cats moved in. I don't know how many kittens you have or their ages - I have 4 kittens and a mom that moved in at 6 weeks and are at 11 weeks now. I might make the following suggestions.

Putting the crate with box inside next to a wall or corner sounds like a good idea. If you want even more privacy you can turn the box so the open side is down and cut an opening for them to enter - like going into a cave. A small towel inside for them to curl up on completes the nest. My setup was like that and it worked pretty well for a few weeks until they got comfortable enough to sleep out in the room.

I would move the litter box outside the crate maybe a foot or so from the crate opening. That distance worked well for me. Actually, I soon needed to put a second litter box in the room and I am now emptying both litter boxes twice a day! Four kittens and a mom can make an amazing amount of litter.

I cleared my desktop and floor of everything. Kittens playing are absolutely crazy (and great fun to watch). Anything cardboard or paper will be eaten. Cloth material will be tested. Definitely remove any wires or phone lines plugged into the walls. They even figured out how to open my desk drawers. I was afraid one might get inside and have the drawer close trapping him inside so I removed all the drawers and took them out of the room. They will eventually get from the desktop to the window sill so keep an eye on the blinds. Also I only open my window about an inch because my window screen is nylon and I am afraid their claws/teeth could get through it.

In other words, the only things remaining in the room should be indestructible. Leave a half dozen ping pong balls along with a few pieces of string and an old towel lying around the floor and you should be set.

I also have a barricade at the door so the mom can jump over but the kittens can't. I've had to raise the height once when they started to get over.

Let us know how it goes,
Bill Moon
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Thank you both for your insight!

I've been playing with a few of the suggestions, and you obviously know what you are doing!

To answer your questions, they were 8 days old when I got them, and are 13 days old today (6/10)! I can't believe they're two weeks old tomorrow!

Spookzilla, at the moment, I am using non-clumping clay litter, the type the rescue sent over with them. I dislike it, though, and may switch them over to the Feline Pine my cat uses. But it's awful tempting to use the free stuff! And you are right- it is everywhere, and only mommy is using it so far!! I love the plastic mat idea.

Moonb, I hadn't thought about the blinds! Thanks for the heads up, that is definitely something I need to watch! Most things in the room now are indestructible and kitty proof- except for that disaster that is my husband's computer desk. I have told him that once they are mobile (thank goodness we have sometime while they are still babies!) that needs to be cleaned up. Mommy already gets up there, so he knows that 5 babies will be 50 times worse!

Good idea of the baricade at the door. The only thing is, mommy isn't allowed out. She is feral and I don't want a feral cat running around my house and tormenting Evie! I'll definitely keep it in mind for my next fosters!
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