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House season finale

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Did anyone watch it? I just finally watched it and oh my god, I cried like a baby. That was such a strong episode, and boy is it going to make future episodes interesting.
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When? Did I miss something? I didn't even know the season finale was on.
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I don't know when it was on - we've been away and our DVR stopped recording while we were away. So do what I did and watch it online - Up the top there's a watch it online link.
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Wilsons heart part 2 was the season finale? I didn't know that. I did see it and bawled like a baby too.
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I assumed it was since all the season finales were happening about then, and it was a season finale kind of an episode. Because our PVR stopped while we were away, it didn't tape any of the season finales, so am trying to find the ones I missed...

It was emotional huh?
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Definately sad. I don't remember it being advertised as a season finale but your right about it being a finale type episode. I got the season three DVD for my birthday so I've been watching those.
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The one where Wilson takes his girl friend off life support?

It was ok. I am not thrilled with what they have done with the show this past season (bringing in almost an entire new cast). The show has lost something for me because of that. The girl who died was just a superficial character that I hadn't bonded with. I felt bad for Wilson, but because they never developed their love afair beyond those 2 episodes, I really wasn't that moved by it.

I wish they would bring back the old cast instead of having them making guest appearances.
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I'm not fond of the new guys and want the old. (Jesse Spencer! )
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Ahhh I think it's a nice change. Different personalities make it interesting. I like the new chick doctor. The Huntingdons thing will make it interesting. I don't like Cutner though..
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Originally Posted by luvmycat1 View Post
Wilsons heart part 2 was the season finale? I didn't know that. I did see it and bawled like a baby too.
Yeah that was the season finale. I thought it was a good episode but sad.
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I didn't see it. I haven't been up to speed on House in years. I have been trying to get my bf to watch, he always thought it was stupid. Then, a friend borrowed me season 1 and we watched a few. He's hooked now. We've been watching episodes like mad so we can start watching on time. We're in the middle of season 3 now.
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very very sad The one thing I don't like that the series has started to do is that it has gotten very....psychological? about House. I think they're spending too much time on him and his eccentricies than the actual patients/diagnoses. Also, what makes House such a great diagnoser anyway? He gets it wrong the first 10 times
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