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Shasta: 6 June 1978 - 8 August 1999

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[I debated putting this in the Bridge, but it's not about the passing of a kitty. It's an observance of a special anniversary, that of the birth of a teacher.]

Shasta: 6 June 1978 - 8 August 1999

"My cat is mad at me" said J to my friend B, who raised a quizzical eyebrow, as J continued "We just had her spayed. Hmm, you wouldn't know anyone who wants a couple of kittens? There's a boy and a girl left. They were born on June 6." "Well, not sure. I know someone who might, but I don't know if she's ready. I'll check."

That conversation took place in late July 1978, and though I wasn't really ready, I couldn't refuse a kitty looking for a home. If I'd known then what I know now, I'd have taken both of them. As it was, I said I'd take the girl, and B brought Shasta to me on a Friday evening, at the tender age of 7 weeks, with enough fleas for the proverbial 1000 camels.

Shasta's page is here -- so, tempting as it is to talk and write about my sweet old girl, I'll let anyone who wants to follow the link read about her there. I just wanted to be deliberate, on this 30th anniversary of her birth, about saying "Happy Birthday, Sweetie, and thanks for breaking me in for the rest of the kitties."
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I just posted one for Patches last week on the Bridge. Patches was born June 3rd 1979 and died March 8th 1989. I wrote a Tribut to her also. Your Cat was born 1 year and a few days before her.
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My most beloved Rainbow kid is also named Shasta, but mine was a boy. A beautiful Tabby. It's rather comforting that my newest boy Sammy shares his face, although that's not why I chose to bring him home. My Shasta crossed over in December of 2002. Thank you for sharing your tribute to YOUR Shasta!
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Happy Birthday you beautiful Shasta girl. I hope you let your Mom know you are near

21 years is a very long time to spend with one, a lot of memories to carry and a long time to learn to live without. Im sure she had a wonderful life. I know you miss her terribly
post #5 of 14 beautiful tribute to her dear Frannie..... I wished to be more disciplinated when I was young to have a file of all my cats.......
....I´m so sure she´s watching you....
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Happy birthday, Shasta.

Thank you for sharing!
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Happy Birthday, Shasta! See how much your mommy loved you - she still remembers you on your birthday.
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Thanks for sharing my girl with me.
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Happy birthday Shasta.
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happy birthday!
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We never forget our sweet loves.

Happy Birthday Shasta
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Happy birthday at the bridge Shasta

Fran that was lovely reading about your special little girl. You were so lucky to have each other all those years
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We were, indeed, Susan.
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