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Are YOUR cats doing this too??

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I bought this lightweight bowl and have been using it, for months, to put water in for my cats(one is a 6 month old kitten--Spike ) The one I am having trouble with is....SPIKE! For the past week, he is picking up the edge of the bowl and dumping the water--just to see if it dumps!! I also have another bowl--a large, heavier weight bowl which I also, put water in. He is doing the same thing with that one--just doesn't get it ALL the way dumped out!!! So, can you think of anything I can do to prevent him from this, besides getting a bowl made of bricks? Do you suppose, this is just rambunctious kitten behavior--or do you think this is the "Next big thing?!" If it is, I will just put up with it. But I worry, that if we go away, that he would dump all the water and not have any to drink! You know, I have had a LOT of cats, over the years, and I have N-E-V-E-R had one as much of a PISTOL as this little guy is!! DH keeps telling me:"Well, YOU brought him home...!":tounge2: Thanks!!!

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I use one of those big ceramic bowls the cats can't knock it over, it is to heavy.
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I had a cat who did that-I ended up getting a ceramic dog dish, it was really heavy so I thwarted him!
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I use ceramic bowls for my Spike's food and water also. I'd be really impressed if he could tip over one of those.
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i have a cute big blue cerimac bowl for there water. it has paw prints all over it :LOL: they don't tip stuff but the dogs do. and no matter how huge of a bowl I get they find a way to tip it!
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HMMMMM...OK--I guess he is NOT so rare a breed, huh?!:tounge2:

Well, that is what I am going to do! I will just work around his little oddities!!! teehehee He is such a little stinker--and my other kitty, who is 6 years old, NEVER did act so mischievous! --And her name IS Miss Mischief!! --But, she was here W-A-Y before my little Spike was!!! I SHOULD have called him Mr. Mischief!!!!

--Thanks for all the info and posts! You all are the BEST!
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Fitz did the same thing until I got him those stainless steel bowls in the stand.
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I think he is playing,Grayski loves to watch the water flow down my counter!
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