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"Hey! You don't smell right anymore!"

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Every day after I get out of the shower, I find Tiny waiting for me, ready to wrap himself around my legs, butt his head against my hand, and generally works hard to try to get his scent all over me again! He doesn't even seem to care that I'm wet!

Seriously, Tiny, can't you wait 'til I dry off? Is the clan scent really so important?

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Nobody else's cat does this? Is Tiny unique in the world? (Well, in more ways than just being Tiny?)
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Awww! That's cute!

My kitties don't do that. Though they do like the scent of my body wash and shampoo.
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Isn't Tiny so sweet! This is quite a common behavior in kitties! Tiny is putting his scent back on you where you've dared to wash it off! "You're mine, all mine!"
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Mine don't rub me, but Zekkie bats at me as I get into the shower, and Odo screams at my while I'm in there.
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That is so funny. Maybe my boyfriend is half cat, he does the same thing
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Forrest does that. I really don't like it cause his hair sticks to wet legs and he tries to lick the water off my toes.

He patiently waits outside of the shower for me to get out then the routine starts. He tries to rub up against me and lick me and I move around trying to avoid him while drying myself off.
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Butzie is a shower supervisor too. When I turn it on and have the door open before I get in, she is right there to supervise if the water looks good to her. I get in and she waits for me to get out. She doesn't rub against me buy grabs around my leg to stop me from walking out of the bathroom. Go figure.
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My Kelly and Luke do that sometimes. I didn't know they were trying to rub their scent on me... always thought they just wanted to drink from the tub after my shower. Either way, it's completely adorable.
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Hennessy doesn't care about showers. Kahlua (the dog) licks my toes and legs until I chase her off.
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My cats wait outside for me and then follow me to watch my routine.
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