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Help me win!

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Well, actually, not me, but a cat that I bred. Each year, I put on an Internet photo contest for Peterbalds. Since I run the contest, I don't enter any of my cats. However, people that have a cat from me can enter. One of them made the finals this year. We are all trying to put the link anywhere we can for people to vote. The winner is named Peterbald of the Year.

The finals are at this link and there is a link for voting on that page:

I hope you will vote for

Magnoliachat Aspen of Columbine Meadows

Even if you vote for another, though, I would love for you to vote. The link above goes to the site with the pictures. There is a white box that says "vote" that will take you to the place to actually place your vote,

The contest is just about over and I am trying to help Katie (the owner of the cat) to win.

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Voted for Pixie.
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Originally Posted by Kaspar View Post
Voted for Pixie.
THANKS! She is still in second place, but gaining!
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Yes, Please please go and vote for Pixie! Im am proudly owned by her and she deserves to win She lost last year by 1 vote, yep only 1 vote. So please take a second and go vote for Pixie and check out some really cool cats. You dont have to register or sign up for anything. This is just a site for friends and our group. Its super easy and fun! Plus we really really wanna WIN!
If you like these kittys alot you can even join our Yahoo group

Purrs and Headbutts,
Pixie & Katie
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Hi Friends! Time is almost up to vote and we really need your help. We are neck and neck with one other kitty. We only need a few more votes to win this so please help us out
Pixie & Katie

Here is the link again http://www.smoothcats.com/contestFinal2008.html and please vote for Magnoliachat Aspen of Columbine Meadows aka Pixie! THANK YOU!!
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