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There goes the greenhouse

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Right now NOAA states we have sustained winds at 21 mph and gusts to 30MPH and my portable greenhouse tipped over. The metal poles and the plastic are ok-the potting bench with yes lots of plants tipped over too.
Bad thing is the plastic connectors-several of them broke-I wonder if I wouldn't have had that big wood bench in there if it would have stayed upright-grrrrrrrr.

The cold frame blew away too but was caught by the spruce trees so I dismantled it temporarily.

And the worst of the winds are yet to come-severe thunderstorms predicted in my area from 2-6 pm with damaging winds to 70 mph-I better move and secure some pots if that happens.

Such lovely weather......
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ekkkkkk I hope things are okay where you are! wow that is some crazy weather!
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Wind speed has updated-sustained at 28 mph with gusts to 38 mph-a big plant in a pot tipped over-everything else still ok. Across the road from me there is a good size house going up and they put on the roof trusses yesterday-hopefully they are well secured!!
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Stay safe--two days ago hubby and the two kitties and I were laying on the basement floor becasue of tornado warnings.

Many funnel clouds were spotted in the area, and one touched down about 10 miles from here. Someone a few blocks from us was struck by lightning as well.

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Oh my god! That must be so scary!
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Pffft! That's just a typical breezy day in Oklahoma.

Yesterday was 40 + mph, with gusts in the 50s. The wind is what keep it from feeling so hot.
As my friend said, another day of whitecaps in the pool.
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Holy Gail! I hope your plants aren't affected!
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Well I had to pick up a far amount of pots-lily bulbs-two varieties can out of pots well I hope I got them back in the right ones!! The plants in pots just need some water but with rain in forecast......

The cats want to go outside-to bad so sad for them-its in the low 80's humidity not too bad but I'll stay inside for now I was supposed to weed at a clients house and I called her and said not in this wind!!
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Oh no Gail, it's not that bench you were so happy to find the other day, is it? Shoulda left it on the curb! lol It's windy here too, but not nearly so. Stay safe!
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