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Kevin and I are in a bind and have to sell the house...we are looking at apartments right now very few here accept animals. I am able to take two of them with me which are going to be Max and Tigger. I am looking for good people who would be willing to help us rehome Hemi, Sadie and the kitten that was dumped at work as well as my collie mix Lilly and my shih-tzu Chase. We also have a Quaker parrot Rylee and a Ferret named Ace who are also in need of a home. I can email pictures of them if you want but if you are interested in one of them please PM me and let me know.

This is very very hard for us to do especially on me. I have cried most of the night and a good part of the morning over this...but right now it appears to be my only option as there arent any houses in this area that we can afford at the present time.
Thanks Everyone!
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Can you post pics and maybe a little about each animal?
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Oh gosh, many hugs to you.. Sending you & the paws positive thoughts.. especially in finding their perfect furrever homes! You'll do the perfect thing for them.
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I will keep you guys in my prayers. I am so very very sorry you are facing this devastating decision. Many prayers and hugs coming your way.
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this is the 4 week old kitten that was dumped at work. She has had no shots yet because she is still a bit young...She is very very friendly and extra playful!!

This Sadie...she is very interesting...She is active and playful enjoys going outside though she isnt allowed. She is up to date on shots...but is not fixed yet...due to money issues.

This is Lilly, she is honestly the love of my life. She came from a very bad home they beat her constantly...It has taken quite a while for her to open up to us but now she is so friendly and sweet...she loves to weigh with her head in your lap and sleep.

This Tigger who may also have to go...we are not 100% yet it all depends on if we can find an apartment that will allow two animals..He is so friendly sweet and big...he will greet you at the door when you walk in and purr as you walk by...He LOVES feathers!!

We also have a ferret which we have no pictures of this...He is blind and deaf and also a rescue...very sweet though he only seems to be able to eat softened food.
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Hemi has found a wonderful home as well as Chase and Rylee.

Thanks for your thoughts guys...this is THE hardest thing I have ever had to do...but in the end it will work out for the best because I dont have room for it to go any other way.
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For what it's worth, I'm sure that kitten is older than 4 weeks. I would guess closer to 10 weeks, judging by the ears.
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to you & yr animals. The kitten looks just like my Moo Moo.. I am having to move too; gonna have to split the kids up, my sister said she would take Monica & I get to keep the spoiled fat boy.. Good luck to you.
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Can you make a deal with a place to have more then two Cats. We made a deal here to have 4. That kitten is older then 4 Weeks I can tell. Her eyes are already changing. She looks 10-12 weeks to me.
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Tigger looks just like my special Bubba cat. I would give him a home if you didn't live across the country from me.
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I am so sorry that you are having to go through this difficult time Sending prayers and vibes that the others find wonderful homes very, very soon and that your precious boy Tigger gets to stay with you
And some extra special vibes for Lilly- she is gorgeous - how could anyone beat such a sweet pup
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Sometimes if you offer a higher deposit they may let you keep more. Keep looking if you aren't set on this place yet. In some places they have pet friendly housing lists.
When I moved and had three I moved into a place that could care less if you had 6 or 7 as long as they were cats. The owner had 10 of her own so she understood.
Dogs have been harder from my experience. But don't give up. Someone will help. I am so sorry for this.
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I had an apartment once that only allowed 2 cats and I had 6. I had to hide the other 4 when landlord had to come in with bank officer when he was refinancing. I got away with it the whole time I lived there
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No kidding. I have hidden a cat before and as long as I kept a low profile we were okay.
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lilly is adorable and shouldn't be hard to find a place for her (god I wish I could take her) but I can't (BOOOO)
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