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When is the right time for neuter?

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I have a girl and a boy. I want to get the baby nuts removed as soon as possible because I'm afraid he's going to try and mate with his sister. He already pounces in that motion. Mounting her from behind and biting her neck. Of course he doesn't have sex, but that's the right motion for it.

I also want to make sure my little girl doesn't go into heat because I CANNOT STAND that heheh.

THey were born in Jan, about the 15th I believe. is it too soon?
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You can get them spayed/neutered as young as 2 months old - but I'd do it at 3-4 months old. If they are 5 months old now, get the appointment now. Especially if he's "breeding" her. Kittens as young as 4 or 5 months old can and do breed and get pregnant. A male takes about 2 months after being neutered to be "clean".

If you can't get them done at the same time, do her first and then him.

And don't think he doesn't know how to have sex. A Siamese breeder was letting her little 5 month old boy run with adult females. The little boy was a daddy at 7 months of age - he KNEW what to do
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Wow i didn't know that.

Wouldn't brother sister kittens be retarded?
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Some vets will neuter when both testicles have fully descended. Ari was done at 4 months and I made sure both were at the ready. (Yeah, he gave me weird looks for poking around that area. )
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I had my Male done at 3 months because I didnt want him to get my female that could not be fixed. It worked out fine. I lost him at age from 5.
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Brother/Sister crosses are inbreeding and can cause problems, even death/deformity. From time to time if you research pedigree cats, somewhere there ARE B/S breedings. This is usually to help set the qualities in a newly developed breed. Its done very carefully and not very often. It can set both good and bad qualities.

Linebreeding is what you mainly have in purebreds. Similar cats but not closely related
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