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grr, barfing again

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Both cats are barfing again. I am feeding something that I know is not great. But it is obviously not agreeing with them. So I am going to run by what I know here. I need something I can afford.

#1, avoid corn and soy?
#2, protien as first ingredient, perfereably first few ingreidients?
#3, single protien food?

Do you think an adult food might help?
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what has been tried ???
How old are they now ???

Will the eat wet food ???
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Are they taking anything for hairballs?
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Is hairball stuff safe for cats under 1 year? I have tired nothing for hairballs because of their ages.

They will eat wet food, I cut it out of their diet because of the costs. They get it about once a week now (totally unrelated to the throwing up).

I have tried Nutro Natural Choice Indoor Kitten and Regular Kitten. Nutro Max Cat Kitten, Whiskas Kitten (did not throw up on, but I do not like the ingredients), Purina One Kitten, and now Purina Kitten Chow.
They seemed to do okay on the purina one as well. But I want something better for them.

Edited to add, Raven will be 1 in August and Jack will be 1 in October, so 10 months and 8 months old.

Also edited to add, we have a petsmart, walmart, and a diamond horse (and pet food) store. We also have other pet stores but I have never been in them and do not want to go there just to buy catfood.
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yes adult food is feasible ...

do you have access to Costco ??
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I don't think we have a costco.
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I looked at the stuff Coco takes but it dosent say if its good for Kittens. Its called Lax aire.
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well when pepe went into the clinic because he was sick he was given antibiotics plus some hairball remover and he's 7 months old
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Diamond makes some pretty decent foods...
Diamond Naturals
Chicken Soup
both have kitten formulas as well as adult. your feed store likely carries one or both of them.
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I don't know what the pricing is, but you could try Sensible Choice Kitten food. Petco usually carries it. I fed the adult formula for a while, one of my cats had issues so we went to the chicken/rice formulation.

Right now I'm actually having better luck with Iams Healthy Naturals for my guys. I have issues with what they are willing to eat as well as what they digest well, so that limits our food choices.
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